Run, Kitten, run!

Run, Kitten, run!

Workout Date:





Kitten, Buffett, Skid mark, Box car, Rubber, High Interest

The Thang:

The temperature was about 50 degrees with a small chance if rain when I arrived at the Village. I had two workouts ready in the event of rain or an injury that would have prevented people from running. All PAX indicated they were able to run. 1 minute warning and disclaimer were given, and we took off with:

20 ssh ic

20 ttt ic

Mosey from the Village, past the Y, to the bottom of the hill leading to the bridge over the waterway (about 1 mile).

20 imperial walkers ic

20 arm circles (forward and reverse) ic

Run from bottom if hill to top of hill (about 350 meters)

Dora (50 burpees, 100 big boys, 150 squats). Partner ran 100 meters down hill and back up while other partner exercised.

We lined up and bear crawled down the hill two fence post lengths and crawl beared back up the hill. We repeated with 3 fence post lengths and then 4 fence post lengths.

We did a backwards mosey for 50 meters down the hill and then sprinted back to the top of the hill.

We moseyed back to the Village and then finished the workout with 15 merkins ic and 10 flutter kicks ic. Time was called at 6:15.

Announcements: boat race April 28 and international bridge run April 29.

Prayers: we remembered High interest’s family’s health and Rubber’s father in law who is traveling to Minnesota.


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