Runners Gotta Run

Runners Gotta Run

Workout Date:





Skimmer, Skidmark, Headgear, Hamburglar, Hottub, ERC, Quasimoto (FNG), Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 58 degrees, cool

YHC arrived at the Hulk to find a full parking lot and Skidmark (aka King Kong) backing his F150 out of the lot to find additional parking. YHC followed his lead and parked in the ‘overflow’ lot just north of the Pavilion.  The “H’s” were there: Headgear & Hamburglar (Hottub would arrive at the 1 minute warning). You could tell these PAX hailed from our southern AO, Warthog, because both were sporting long sleeve pullovers, long stockings and/or tights! The “S’s” were well represented by Skidmark and Skimmer.  El Red Cardo owned the “E” section and YHC as always was the only “Q” and most likely would remain that way. Also present was Skidmark’s FNG, who lives in WPP and looks like a runner! It’s been a while since we’ve had an FNG post at Hulkamania (I think that title belongs to Crankbait or was it Nimbus?) YHC digresses, the 1 minute warning was sounded.

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Silent Disclaimer

Lets Go!!!


Today’s run would be part of our taper in anticipation of the upcoming MB Mini; A straight 45 minutes, nothing fancy.

We ran up and over the Bridge, past the Barc Parc and the YMCA, onto 62nd Avenue N, then crossed over Bypass 17.  On the other side of Bypass 17 the PAX ran along Frontage Road then took a sharp right onto 65th Avenue N. We continued all the way down 65th Ave. to the beach. We then turned around and retraced our steps back to the Hulk.

Distance = 5.1 miles

Pace = 8.29


Count-o-Rama = 8 (including FNG)


Naming of the FNG:  Last name is Kruger and he lives in WPP with many of the PAX, he works in Wine Sales and knows Viagra and obviously Skidmark. He grew up in Indiana near Notre Dame, but not a big sports fan. That’s all we had to work with!!  Hamburglar wanted to name him “Freddy”, we then tried on “Jason”, and “Chucky” but nothing stuck. Based on his proximity to Notre Dame, one PAX (we will withhold his name) suggested “Humpback” . . . Uhh, don’t we already have a Humpback? Hamburglar astutely pointed out that it was the “Hunchback” of Notre Dame not the “Humpback”  . . . But right then and there a flash of inspiration struck . . . as Hamburglar called out “Quasimoto”. All agreed!

Not only did our newest PAX get an excellent F3 Name, YHC was no longer a lonely “Q”!!

Hottub prayed us out





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