Runnin Down a Dream

Runnin Down a Dream

Workout Date:





Goldberg, Peach, Straplock, Quaker

The Thang:

500AM QIC rolls into the lonely gloom…

502AM I’m no longer the “loner” as I recognize a white pickup truck off in the foggy distance, and who is it… none other than Quaker!

508AM We are joined by the one and only Straplock! Equipped with his neon yellowish, greenish shirt. Most likely worn to keep us from getting ran over while on the mean streets of Elm and Laurel at 515 in the morning.

510AM We are joined by our final #PAX, the slow cheetah himself… Peach!

Straplock plants the flag, we shoot the breeze, and just before takeoff a random overdressed passerby stops to ask for directions. Never mind, it was just Bluegrass in his button up and khakis. While chatting it up with this drifter, Quaker or Peach, cant remember which one, has this ULTIMATE idea! “Let’s do it big today guys! Let’s run out to the kettlebells workout and show off our chizzled leg muscles to those meatheads, and then make our way back!” I was reluctant at first… but the peer pressure overtook my soul, and off we went into the gloom.

Peach and Quaker led the pace, while Straplock and myself decided to take the more scenic pace, and just take it all in. All the while discussing everything from Heal spurs to Pearl Jam.

Before we knew it, we were at the kettlebell workout and HighFiving our f3 brethren and shouting Happy Friday to all, and BOOM just like that… we disappeared, just like a set of rims at a rap concert.

After dodging a few semis on 501 we hit the home stretch of Laurel Street and that’s when the fatigue, at least for myself began to set in. Although it didn’t seem to phase Quaker or Peach as they had pulled off into the distance by now… and it probably wasn’t effecting Straplock either, but he took one for the team and mastered the slow jog alongside QIC. Before we knew it, our vehicles were in sight, and just like that, the f3 gods began sending down a refreshing mist of rain from the Heavens. It was like liquid greatness hitting us! For we had just challenged ourselves, and we had overcame!

We congratulated one another and had some small talk, and QIC prayed us out.

Was a true pleasure as always guys!

Straplock… Thanks for the conversation, and just talking about life with me on this mornings journey.  It was a pleasure. And I agree, Pearl Jam is the greatest alternative band ever.

Peach… As always, thanks for being an inspiration to me throughout this journey I’m on.  And thanks for always pushing me to get better at not just running, but at life.

Quaker… I’ll say it again. You are what f3 is all about. You’ve supported me and pushed me since day 1. Not knowing me from a stranger on the street. Now I look forward to my weekly posts with you and the #bombsquad crew. You’ve played a major part in my physical, mental, and spiritual growth in f3. Thanks again my friend.

Now that that’s all behind us… GET HYPED for NEXT FRIDAY! Hope to see some of my other #TheRepublic and #Riviera #PAX beating the streets alongside us! #f3nation #ISI


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