Running Down a Dream, too!! – – – Supplemental BackBlast

Running Down a Dream, too!! – – – Supplemental BackBlast

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Goldberg, Strap Lock, Peach, Quaker

The Thang:

WRITER’S NOTE: 2/3 of this BackBlast was written prior to Goldbergs B.B. . . .

Another beautiful morning for a run at #Hasselhoff. As I jumped into my truck to make the trek to the Watertower I turned on Bob FM for some tunes and Bob was on point. The first song on the playlist was from Flock of Seagulls – “and I ran, I ran so far away. . . I just ran, I ran both night & day . . . I couldn’t get away” #prophetic. The next song was courteous of Pat Benatar – “Running with the Shadows of the Night . . .everything will be alright!” #uplift.

As I came over the bridge and made the turn down Laurel Street, I saw Goldberg’s OJ Mobile parked under the tower; as I proceeded to park I could hear additional tunes blaring from his Yukon (Pearl Jam?? Maybe?). Exiting my truck we greeted each other and I made a subtle suggestion that we should run to #SouthernBells. At this suggestion, Goldberg became visibly distraught! His angst was short lived, however, and he quickly embraced the idea! I also let Goldberg know that I brought along songs for the run for motivation (something we have never done before).  Next to arrive was Peach & his 12lbs running vest #beast; then came Straplock. We waited a few minutes for SuperDave but he never arrived and the PAX was complete.

As the PAX chatted, Bluegrass pulled up to say hello #areyoulost?. He was overdressed, looking dapper in his blue button-down, however, he was obviously not here for a run. We told Bluegrass about our planned run & we briefly discussed our route & approximate distance to #SouthernBells. This would be a good trial run for next week’s Friday convergence between Hasselhoff & SouthernBells!

5:14 – Silent 1 Minute Warning

5:15 – Let’s go! Joining the PAX on this run were Kenny, Blake, Ozzy, David Lee & Eddie (Van Halen not Vedder). The run began as usual up Laurel Street to 16th Avenue. Peach and YHC took the lead and Straplock and Goldberg were a few paces back. We then took a left at 16th Avenue and headed towards 501. Peach and I chatted about family and church and sometimes silently ran. FYI there was no such silence from Straplock & Goldberg. Peach and I had the tunes; Goldberg & Straplock had non-stop chatter!! Either way the miles were going by fast. As we neared 501, we took a parallel/safer route through the mall parking lots and behind McD’s. We then crossed McD’s parking lot and began running on the sidewalks along 501 until we reach Big Lots. At this point we double, then tripled checked the traffic and crossed 501 into Big Lot’s parking lot and ran all the way to Mill Pond Road. Once again being very cautious, we crossed Mill Pond and entered the parking lot of the Rock Church aka SouthernBells AO.

The PAX at SouthernBells were throwing around all kind of weights, flipping tires, and I think I saw someone with Thor’s Hammer wailing mercifullessly on another tire. Fist bumps and hello’s were made as Peach and I ran past our fellow PAX, we then rounded the parking area and began heading back just in time to catch Goldberg and Straplock entering the AO. All 4 of us looped threw the SouthernBell PAX once more. It seemed as though they were all mesmorized by our sleekness and cheeta like skills because they all dropped their weight and watched as we effortlessly glided across the balck top. All 4 of us ran out of the AO together, across Mill Pond Road an through Big Lots Parking lot. We then briefly ran along 501 waited for a few Semi (Straplock should never look at his watch while running) to pass, then crossed the Highway for our return to the Hasselhoff. As we ran through the mall parking lot, Straplock began crooning some local lyrics to the music of “Crazy Train” #comicrelief. We all made it back to the AO with about 2 minutes to spare.

Goldberg lead us in Prayer.

As I left the AO, Bob gave me one more perfectly timed tune, Tom Petty – “Running Down a Dream. . .it Will never just come to me . . .So I’m running down a dream…!” (don’t know if Goldberg was listening to the same!!), but it was a perfect title for today’s run!!




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