Running for Cover

Running for Cover

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Brown Bag; Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: Perfect

Per the weather app, a cold front was coming our way and temperatures would dip into the low 30’s for Saturday. Today, however it was still warm, 59 degrees, which is not too bad for November. There was a slight breeze and oh yeah it was raining. GOOD!

Running in the rain is no different than running on any other day. It’s really quite simple: Get up, Get out, & Get moving. If it’s not wet, it’s windy. If it’s not windy, it’s humid. If it’s not humid it’s cold. If it’s not cold, it’s too early. And if it’s none of these things, it can be a million other things. The bottom line is that every day presents a myriad of excuses on why you or I don’t do the things we should do. Things for our physical & mental well-being, things for our families, things for our work, things for our community. WHY??

The struggle is the reward!! Don’t avoid it!! Heroes don’t exist without adversity. Stop seeing adversity as obstacles and see them for what they are, rungs on a ladder elevating you to greater & greater heights. And the beautiful thing about this ladder is that final rung only exists in our own minds.

You can’t run a marathon without running the 1st mile, you can’t climb a mountain without taking the 1st step, you can’t impact your family or your community without making a commitment.  Imagine who we could become if we just got out of our own way, out of the box we created for ourselves. So, the next time you want to avoid adversity, remember that your greatness lies just beyond the next rung. You need to reach out and grab it! Take the 1st step. It’s as easy as a HC the night before a Beatdown.

With that said, YHC gave a HC last night even though I knew what the weather would be.  Other PAX also HC’d, so YHC was confident that I would not have to run alone. As YHC drove through the rain, I made a personal HC to myself and committed to running even if for some odd reason no one else posted.

YHC pulled into a vacant Hulk Lot at 5:10, shed my rain parka (who needs that?),  took off my beanie, and put on a black baseball cap to match the rest of my attire. Note to self don’t dress in all black for early morning run in the Gloom. As I tried to locate my headlamp, Brown Bag pulled into the lot. He parked & immediately exited his car and began stretching under the pavilion. The PAX meant business.  GOOD.

YHC joined Brown Bag under the pavilion for some light banter.  We talked about the rain, we talked about running, I even think there was a light-hearted offer for coffee & 2nd F back at one of the PAX’s office. (Not today!!)

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Delayed Start in anticipation of Skidmark’s Arrival (Not today)

5:16 – Headlamp Lit/Silent Disclaimer

The PAX headed north down frontage road with the rain at our backs. We found a nice dry road under the bridge for about 3 seconds then we were back in the elements. We turned left onto Col.  Bob Bell Path and ran up and over the bridge.

We then hung a left passed the Barc Parc and took a right at the YMCA onto Clair Chapin Epps Drive until it intersected with 62nd Avenue. At 62nd Avenue we turned right again and headed towards Bypass 17 towards the village.

We ran into The Village, past the buses and onto the sidewalks that lead to the basketball court. At the Basketball Court we turned right once more and ran towards the shelter of the pavilion. There we found our Nan’tan, Sunshine, and the new AOQ of the Village, Texas Ranger, getting in some block work.

“Good Mornin’!”


2 more seconds out of the rain!

The Hulkamanics kept up the pace and were not even slightly jealous of how dry our fellow PAX were! We exited The Village at the main gate and took a hard left towards the beach.

At the 22 minute mark, we turned around for our return trip to the Hulk. With the rain in our face we back tracked the way we came just to make sure that Sunshine & TR didn’t leave early.

At Bypass 17, Brown Bag noted that the traffic dramatically increased since we first crossed the highway earlier. We pushed the crosswalk button then waited for the signal. #SafetyFirst.

When the light turned red and the signal to cross was flashing, YHC checked the intersection then proceed onto the road at which time a car turning right slammed on his breaks and screeched to a halt. This could have been bad!

As runners or ruckers, (and drivers) we all need to remember that we are typically not part the morning commute and drivers have their routines. This driver probably drives this route every morning and probably coasts through the turn on red lights. He was probably doing the same thing he does every single day, but today YHC was crossing the road. It was nobody’s fault, but it was definitely too close for comfort.

PAX must NEVER leave our guard down and only cross roads when it is safe. Be smart, be alert, and be overly cautious.

We completed the run with 2 minutes to spare.

5:58 – Time Called

Moleskin: Running is an awesome way to get better. If you haven’t experienced that which is Hulkamania Friday, you owe it to your self to join your fellow PAX in the Gloom at the GrandStrands “Fastest AO”. Running in the rain with Brown Bag made the beatdown even better. Thanks for the Accountability!







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