Running in Circles

Running in Circles

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Beefsteak, El Red Cardo, Skidmark, Skimmer, Texas Ranger, High Interest, Handy Manny, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 79 degrees, Humid, Intermittent Rain

As the lighting flashed off in the distance, YHC arrived at the AO and began gearing up for today’s imminent run. Will it rain or will the rain hold off? It didn’t really matter, it would be a wet one either way due to the humidity! Beefsteak (aka “THE STEAK”) was next to arrive. Its been a while but his knee is almost back to normal, so why not join the Hulkamaniacs for a morning stroll! 5 miles is a mere warm-up for this PAX!! As The Steak and YHC chatted, there was a steady stream of trucks & cars entering the lot and at the 1 minute warning 7 PAX were choppin’ at the bit and ready roll!

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:14:30 – Stretching, headlamps adjusted, & knee braces tightened

5:15 – Let’s GO!!

YHC set the pace as we headed down Frontage Road and then took a hard left onto CBBP up and over Mt. Zeb. As we leveled off on the east side of the bridge, we turned left again and ran past the Barc Parc and onto Claire Chappin Epps Drive (CCED). We continued on CCED until it intersected with 62nd Avenue N.

At 62nd Avenue N., we turned left again and ran to the turn-about at Marina Parkway (MP). One loop around the turn-about tp pick up the six then we ran north along MP. When we came to the island in the middle of MP we ran one large circle around the island, picked up the six once more, then continued heading north as the clouds opened up and the rain came down . . . it felt fantastic!

We continued to run north to the 71st Avenue turn-about. All PAX completed another circle. Skidmark marked the time at 23 minutes so we got back on MP and started our return trip.  Half way between the the 71st Ave turn-about and the MP island, Handy Manny caught up to the PAX and joined in the fun. It felt like Handy had to put his pace in reverse just to keep up with us!

At the island the PAX completed another large loop, picked up the six and continued south on MP to the 1st turn-about. One more circle around the turn-about as we got back on 62nd Avenue N. and ran east.

At Claire Chappin Epps Drive we turned right towards the YMCA. We then took a left to get back on the running path past the Barc Parc. Another right put us on Col. Bob Bell Path. At the base of the bridge we turned around once more and picked up the six. Once all PAX were together we ran up the east side of the bridge with everything we had  to the top!! Texas Ranger crushed it!!

Down the other side of the bridge we ran and picked up our pace for the final leg. When each PAX stepped onto Frontage Road, we sprinted back to the Hulk!!

Time Called!!

5 miles

9-9:30 minute pace

Count-o-Rama = 8


Announcements: Trail Race the week prior to the mini, Mini Marathon Charity for Hulkamaniacs will be Men’s Cancer Awareness;

Prayers led by Handy Manny



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