Running off into the Sunset

Running off into the Sunset

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Skid Kong


Skid Kong, Quaker

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AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 39 degrees, damp

Skidmark/King Kong/Skid Kong has been out of town & livin’ large in Atlantic City the last few days but as soon as he got back to town he was itches to run miles. All he needed was nudge from a fellow Pax. YHC was just that guy. I don’t normally run in the evenings, but after listening to Hamburglar’s ‘Backblast’ Podcast featuring Goldberg I was energized. These two Pax have enough energy to light up a city block & its infectious!

As soon as the podcast ended, I sent out a text to P2Hunds Pax to see who would be interested in an evening run. I got an instant reply form Hamburglar, who could run but not until 8:30pm. This was alittle late, but doable. As I was mulling over the start time, Skidmark chimed in and asked, “Where & When?”

YHC replied, “6:30 at the Hulk.”

Skidmark negotiated the time down to 6pm so we could enjoy the sunset together. Sade’ was sad that he could not join us tonight. Sunshine & Rubber (aka “Rubs”) got their miles in this morning with a pre & post run before and after the BombSquad Beatdown this morning, so YHC was not surprised that they did not respond, however, there were 9 other Pax on the P200 Text Chain that could have joined in the fun.

As the next few hours passed slowly by, no other Pax committed so as 6pm neared, YHC geared up and headed for the Hulk to meet up with Skidmark.

YHC arrived first to the Hulk followed shortly thereafter by Skidmark. After the exchange of some light pleasantries & 2 wardrobe changes by Skidmark, we were ready to begin. The music was cranked up, Strava was turned on, and off we went.

YHC deferred the lead to Skidmark and his good sense . . . and this is what happened.


Skidmark boldly stated that we would begin by running the service road to the Grande Dunes! This meant we would be getting in at least 6 miles!

Our pace was brisk as we ran down Frontage Rd to the Dirt Service Road. Once on the Service Road be kept our pace sharp and our minds sharper as we zig-zagged around puddles, ponds, and mudholes. We then ran through the Grande Dunes.

We pushed each other up and over the bridge and got a salute and cheer from the Grande Dunes Guard as we exited the community. (The Ruckers get kicked off the bridge but the Hulkamaniacs get cheered on!! Who would have guessed it!!)

After the bridge we followed Marina Pkwy all the way to 62nd Avenue N. Skidmark hesitated at the turn-about & YHC thought me might just keep on going! That was not Skidmark’s intention, though, he apparently was disoriented and didn’t realize exactly where we were.

We accordingly turned left & ran south on 62nd Ave, then turned right onto Claire Chapin Epps Drive towards the YMCA and eventual entered the run path next to the Barc Park.

Finally, we turned on to Col. Bob Bell Run Path, which is Skidkong’s favorite part of our runs because he knows it leads right up the bridge & across the waterway. We accelerated up the bridge and raced down the other side logging our fastest mile of the entire run! (7:51) At the base of the bridge where the run path intersects Frontage Road, we sprinted back to the Hulk.

7:03 – Time Called

The Numbers: 6.82 miles; 8:56 pace; 1:01 elapsed time.

Moleskin: We talked & laughed about Atlantic City, Las Vegas, gambling, The P200, Dreams about the P200, The “BackBlast” Podcast, Charlie Brown, and the beautiful differences between men & women. All in all it was a great run!!

Whether your training for the P-200 or not, everyone should get out and run with the Hulkamaniacs! You will be a better, strong, & faster!!

Alternative Backblast title: Atlantic City and the Sunset Trip

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