Running Passed YHC

Running Passed YHC

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Sunshine, Skimmer, Headgear, Hamburglar, Rubber, Texas Ranger, High Interest, Flyover, Runway?

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 75 degrees, less humid


DISCLAIMER: YHC has taken it upon himself to write a BackBlast for Hulkamania  each week, but how does one write a B.B. when one is not in attendance?? . . . read on to find out.

YHC put a call out to all Hulkamaniacs last night that we are mid-way through the month and have not yet completed our mandatory Bridge Work. As soon as the tweet was sent, however, Flyover expressed his feelings about the bridge, “NO bridgework . . .I’ll run distance”. Since this was the only comment made (for or against) it seemed that the bridgework would have to wait until next week when Hottub returns (He won’t let us off the hook).

Shortly after this tweet, YHC also sent a tweet to Brown Bag asking if he would be willing to do Week 2 of the Iron PAX (Village PAX just completed Iron PAX W2 yesterday) for his scheduled beatdown at The Village. YHC was down range yesterday and felt guilty that he had missed the IPC W2. YHC was half hoping that the answer would be are resounding NO!! But . . . As soon as the tweet was sent, Brown Bag responded with, “Consider It Done!” . . . With that said, the die was cast and YHC would forgo Hulkamania (#ForgiveMe) for the dreaded W2 IPC.


9 PAX assembled in the Hulk Parking Lot. The usual suspects were there: Flyover, Skimmer, Hamburglar, and Sunshine. Kotter, Runway was ready for his warm-up. Texas Ranger and High Interest were back in the mix after being on the IR and Rubber came rolling in hot at the 1 minute warning after being text stalked by Sunshine the night before!! Although YHC sent out a tweet on the Hulkamania Channel at 4:50 a.m., I’m sure no one was aware of my defection to The Village this morning!!(#ShouldHaveTexted). ERC and Handy were notably absent. YHC believes that his fellow Hulkamaniacs were momentarily concerned that YHC was a no show . . . but when the clock struck 5:15 they were off into the Gloom. #ShowMustGoOn.

North on Frontage Road and up and over The Bridge along Col. Bob Bell Path. At the bottom of the bridge, the PAX took a hard left on to the path paralleling the Barc Parc until it intersected with Claire Chappin  Epps Drive (CCED). At the CCED, the PAX made a left and followed the road to 62nd Avenue N., then took a right towards Bypass 17.

The PAX crossed Bypass 17 and made a right onto Frontage Road which parallels Bypass 17, then they turned right to head east on 65th Avenue N towards the beach and past The Village Gate.

It was perfect timing as the PAX raced down 65th Avenue because YHC was ½ way through the 1 mile run  of the 1st set for IPC W2. YHC drafted Headgear & Hamburlar for a few yards as they raced 50yrds in front of the other PAX. (#PaceSetters) then rounded the cones at the ¼ mile mark and greeted Skimmer and Sunshine. Shortly there after, YHC rounded the cones once more and saw the remaining PAX clumped together with a nice fellowship pace. YHC thought he heard some yell, “Hey there’s Quaker” but it may have been the voices in my head because I was totally focused on running back to my Coupon for set 2 of the IPC.

The PAX continued past the Village Gate and I presume all the way to the beach for a short respite to gather up the six, then turn and burn for the return trip.

Fast forward to set 3 of the IPC running portion.  Texas Ranger & High Interest ran passed YHC and I asked, “How many Hulkamaniacs in attendance today?” HI responded, “9!”  as we passed one another, they quickly disappeared into the Gloom.

Solid numbers! Great work.

The rest of the PAX passed YHC on their return trot to the Hulk as YHC was completing the Coupon Portion of the WO. Many took a detour into & through the Village. Some corrected me on my form, “Full arm extension on block swings!” while others shouted words of encouragement; “Great Job!” , “Keep on Pushing” Headgear actually grab a coupon for 1 rep before realizing that the pain of W2 IPC was still too fresh in his mind and quickly abandoned this kind gesture to resume his run!! #ThanksBrothers

SEE Brown Bag’s BackBlast for full IPC W2 details!!

The PAX, I assume, finished strong with 4.8 to 5.1 miles with a pace of 8:15- 9:05! #ISI

Note: If I missed any PAX, Cobains. My mind may have been a bit distracted.

Announcments: BlackBeard 4th Anniversary Convergence tomorrow at 7!! Shieldlock begins this coming Monday. Get you teams into Crankbait!!

Prayers: General & unspoken.

Moleskin: YHC may have physically missed the run today but was with you in spirit all the way. Thanks for the words of encouragement during W2 of IPC. It was a beautiful sights to see as PAX after PAX ran passed The Village!! Special Thanks to Brown Bag for proctoring the W2 IPC and to Crankbait and Carabiner for pushing hard during the beatdown!! For the record IPC is NOT FNG friendly!!





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