Running Scared!

Running Scared!

Workout Date:





Buckeye (DR from Gastonia); Disconnect (Newly minted AOQ of Warthog); ERC (aka Sneaky Feet, aka Palm Tree); and Quaker (YHC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: 72 degrees, cool, overcast

YHC may not have HC’d for any pre-beatdown activities prior to our 5 year anniversary convergence, however, I did prepare for 2 of the 3 and if I owed a ruck I would have been ready for any of them! My preparations began the night before by loading my bike & helmet into the truck and setting out my running shoes. YHC also set his 1st alarm for 4:30, then set a second alarm for 5:30 as a backup just in case I couldn’t peel myself out of the f**tsack in the wee hours of the morning. Good thing I did b/c YHC slept straight through the earlier alarm but popped right up for the 2nd alarm,  so the biking would be out and I was now on track to enjoy an early morning run. As I shook the cobwebs from my mind and the sleep from my eye, I raced to get ready and out the door to get to Warthog by 6 am. Why 6 am, I don’t know!

As I approached Forbus Court, the parking lot looked jam packed! #Awesome. As I turned into the lot, multiple Shovel Flags were planted and the adrenaline was beginning to kick in for the anticipated Convergence just 1 hour away!

YHC parked and exited his truck and immediately saw Disconnect doing the same. We met in the middle of the lot for hellos. As we chatted a little another PAX, Buckeye, who was downrange from Gastonia introduced himself and asked if he was in the right spot for the pre-run. “Yes sir!”

YHC then grabbed the Iron Flag and planted it next to the other Shovel Flags. As we congregated near the Shovel Flags Disconnected stated that we would give other PAX a few more minutes to post. It was at this time that YHC realized the official start time for the pre-run was 6:15. Because this is Disconnect’s home turf, he volunteered to lead the run and informed us that we would not have Headgear or Hamburglar joining us this morning. Therefore we would be engaging a comfortable fellowship pace.

6:14 – – The PAX at Warthog apparently enjoy a good 1 minute stretch prior to running just like the Hulkamaniacs!

6:15 – No minute warning


3 PAX (Disconnect, Buckeye, & YHC) started running down the parking lot and onto Forbus Court heading north towards Farrow Parkway. At the Intersection of Farrow Parkway we entered the sidewalk/run path that parallels Farrow Pkwy along the lake.  We followed the run path along Farrow Parkway then turned east past 8/10 Bowling, PF Chang’s, and Valor Park.

As we passed Valor Park on our right we also passed  on our left the bridge over the lake. It was at this time, unbeknownst to me our my fellow runners that we were being watched and sneaked up upon from the rear by another PAX, who like Billboard has some kind of stealth cloaking devise. (See Past B.B. “18 & Life to Go” also a song by 80’s rock band Skid Row).  This PAX seemingly materialize without a sound like the fog (See “The fog comes on little cat feet” – poem by Carl Sandburg), gave a banshee squeal, and scared the bejeus out of YHC for a good laugh had by all!! The PAX was none other than ERC, BombSquad’s sneakiest sneak, who ever snuck!! (Someone needs to hang a bell on this guy . . . problem is you have to catch him first!!). Our trio of PAX turned into 4 man band for the remained of the run.

Our foursome continued east then head south on an unknown street until it intersected with Emmens Avenue. We continued on Emmens Avenue, then turned north onto Meyers Avenue, following this road past the baseball fields. Somewhere along the way ERC asked the PAX what type of music we would like to listen to. Buckeye chimed right in with, “Skid Row Radio” (See above reference). ERC was skeptical as to it existence on Spotify or Pandora, but lo and behold there it was!! (aka Hairbands)

First song up was “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” by Night Ranger.

Trivia Question #1: What was name of the band for YHC’s first concert? . . . Answer: Night Ranger!!

Trivia Question #2: Where was the Venue? . . .Answer: Ghost-town & the Glen, Moosic, PA.

As we enjoyed our dose of 80’s Rock we neared the intersection of Meyers Avenue and Farrow Parkway. At the intersection we took a right onto the sidewalk paralleling Farrow Parkway, once more.

As we followed Farrow Parkway, the next band on the play list was Faster Pussycat! (no doubt a reference to little cat feet) This triggered the PAX to kick it into high gear for the remaining .25 of a mile as we crossed over the bridge, past the pavilions and back to the parking lot.

6:43 – Time Called

The Numbers: Miles = 3.0; Time = 27 minutes 45 seconds; Pace = 9:15

Moleskin 1: Great run today; it was a nice warm-up for the 98 PAX Strong 5 Year Anniversary Convergence Beatdown. T-claps to Disconnect for leading the way. Shoutout to Buckeye for the music selection & the final push; and Tip of the Hat to ERC for keeping YHC on his toes!!

Moleskin 2: If there’s no BackBlast it didn’t happen & this 5 Year Anniversary Pre-Run surely happened. Let’s do it again at the 6 year Anniversary!!



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