Running Up The Numbers!!

Running Up The Numbers!!

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Sunshine, Skidmark (aka King Kong), Skimmer, Rubber, Flyover, Texas Ranger, Backdraft, BeefSteak, Hamburglar, Vitamin D, El Red Cardo, Quaker(YHC)

The Thang:


AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 76 degrees, somewhat humid


When YHC arrived at 5:05 there were already two PAX (Hamburglar & Texas Ranger) waiting in the parking lot. Flyover was right on my tail all the way from Plantation Lakes and we pulled up simultaneously. As YHC exited his ride, he could hear Flyover rockin’ out to Phil Collins #GetPumped!! Then came Sunshine sliding into the parking spot between us. Hamburglar introduced himself to Flyover and YHC informed Flyover to watch out for Hamburglar because “he is deceptively fast”. . . Flyover retorted that he was not worried because, he, Flyover, “Is deceptively slow” #sandbaggin’. By the 5 minute mark, cars & trucks were steadily streaming in to the lot. There was 7 PAX, then 8, then double digits and they kept on coming. Skidmark texted that he was on his way. Sunshine sounded the 1 minute warning as Rubber came rumbling in. There was no more room in the parking lot for Skidmark as he arrived so he parked down by the overpass. It was go-time and we picked up Skidmark (aka King Kong) on the fly!! Lets get some miles! There was one simple plan for today, run to The Village to welcome Buffett back to the Gloom. Everything else done today was from the hip.

5:14 – 1 minute warning

5:15 – Silent Disclaimer . . . you should have stretched on your own time!

Hamburglar lived up to his billing and set the pace (8:30) for the entire run!


PAX began by running north down Frontage Road, then took a left onto Col. Bob Bell Path. Up and over Mt. Jeb then down the other side and straight into the grove.  As we existed the forest, we ran parallel to Bypass 17 until it intersected with 62nd Avenue N. After getting a proper cross signal, we ran across Bypass 17 and turned north on other Frontage Road (Question: How many ‘Frontage Roads exist in MB??). The PAX then entered The Village  through a broken fence and ran through the AO to greet our fellow PAX, especially Buffett! There were 6 Village PAX out this morning and they were in awe of the number of Hulkamaniacs!! We then turned out the Main Gate running east down 65th Avenue N. straight ahead to Business 17.

The PAX turn around at the 23-minute mark and head back to the Hulk the way we came. When we crossed over Bypass 17, we stayed straight on 62nd Avenue, then turned left on to Claire Epps Drive towards the YMCA. Just before the Y we departed ways with The Steak, who needed “some resistence” and turned left on to the path along side the Barc Parc. We continued passed the Barc Parc and took a right back onto Col. Bob Bell Path. At the base of the Bridge each PAX gave it “all we got” up the bridge to the top. We then accelerated down the other side of the bridge and took a right at the base onto Frontage Road for the home stretch! On Frontage Road each PAX sprinted the remaining 300 yrds back to the Hulk parking lot.

Time Called – 5:57

The Numbers: 5 Miles, 42 Minutes, 8:30 pace

Count-o-Rama = 12


Announcements: Fitz 50 code is still active for discount for Mini Marathon; Mens’ Cancer Charity for Hulkamaniacs; Sign up to Q

Prayers: Unspoken



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