Runnning in All Directions

Runnning in All Directions

Workout Date:



Vitamin D, Brown Bag, Skimmer, Hottub, Headgear, Hamburglar, Runway, Quaker (QIC)


Vitamin D, Brown Bag, Skimmer, Hottub, Headgear, Hamburglar, Runway, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 79 degrees, Humid

YHC arrived at the Hulk to find 3 vehicles but only 2 PAX in the lot.  Headgear & Hamburglar were there but who was the 3rd PAX? Upon further inspection it was determined that Vitamin D had arrived early & left at 5 am for a solo run to & from The Village ala’ Freedom Friday. Next to arrive was Skimmer, Brown Bag, and Runway. The question the night before was whether or not there would be Bridgework in our future. Everyone loves Bridgework except maybe Flyover, so there was no surprise that Flyover was MIA this morning! Sunshine was on Q at the Village, which also means that Rubber would not be hounded to run today, however, YHC’s sure Rubber got bombarded by texts last night to attend the Village Beatdown! So if Vit D was out, Sunshine was out, and Rubber was out, their 4th Shieldlock PAX, Buffett, would be a likely no show to Hulkamania, too! No worries, we had a solid 6 PAX ready to go by the 1 minute warning. Then Hottub (AOQ) kicked up the gravel and hopped out of his ride with 30 seconds to spare. Hottub announced that he would be running distance today (No Bridgework) in preparation for the MB Mini and looked for volunteers to join him. . . crickets!!! The HIM of Hulkamania need their mandatory Bridgework . . . and YHC was ready to deliver!! As mentioned above Vit D ran towards the Village, Hottub ran the Big Loop, and the rest of us ran the Bridge over & over & over again!!


1 mile run up & over the Bridge, #teaser; past the Barc Parc and onto Claire Chapin Epps Drive. At the only street lamp that was not lit, we turned around (1 mile mark) and ran back to the starting line at the foot of the Bridge.

Everything we would run today added up to 400 meters (i.e. 350 + 50; 300 +100)

Set # 1: From the Start Line all PAX ran up the Bridge to the 350 meter marker, then ran back down to the start at the Start Line we turned around and ran to the 50 meter marker and then back to the start (350+50 = 400) . . . There are roughly 1600 meters in a mile and one time up and back to each marker got us half way there . . .So we ran up to 350m marker again and back to start, then up to 50m marker and back to the start.  Do the math and this conveniently adds up to 1600 m = 1 mile (2 x 350 up + 2 x 350 down + 2 x 50 up + 2 x 50 down)

Set #2: same as above but this time we ran to the 300m marker & the 100m marker . . . total distance run was 1600m = 1 mile

Set #3: same as above but this time we ran to the 250m & the 150m markers . . . total distance run was 1600m = 1 mile

Set #4: 200 m & 200m markers . . . Headgear completed 1 up & 1 down. . . YHC completed one extra 150 m run up. . . Bridgework was called at 5:55 to allow sufficient time to return to the Hulk.

Note: All PAX completed 2 mile runs out and back and all PAX completed sets 1, 2, & 3.

Hottub & Vitamin D arrived back at the Hulk at 6 am

Total miles: 5 miles

Total time: 45 minutes

Hottub prayed us out.

Moleskin: These HIM are beasts and never shy away from any challenge! The “Runner’s High” is an elusive creature, however, I believe there were some sightings in the distance and if we continue to push ourselves I have no doubt we will experience it in the near future!! #ISI



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