Timeshare’s Beach Massacree

Timeshare’s Beach Massacree

Workout Date:



Jetah (2ndfQ)


Cubby, Malpractice (3X RESPECT)

The Thang:

So as I do nowadays, I head up to Timeshare for a Saturday Morning Beatdown, arrive on station and Malpractice shows up shortly thereafter. After a few hey how are yas, we realize that Chicken Little is winged, and no Q has picked up the six this day. So I start up a little warm up, while waiting for anyone else to make a belated appearance. A few side straddle hops, and arm circles later, the Cubby himself appears! Now we got 3! As the great Arlo Guthrie says, if two people are doing something in harmony, its just weird and others might think something of you…but if 3 people do it…can you imagine 3 people in North Myrtle Beach running around, doing burpees and monkey humpers, well then they might just think you have an organization!!

Now is when the fun begins, we head over to the beach side pavilion for some AMRAP activity: 10 min on, 1 min of things like mericans, squats, lbcs. Proof that simple can be the best kind of beatdown. After 1 or 2 of these AMRAPs we head to beach for some burpees, and enjoying the good living the Sky Q gives in this neck of the great beyond. Back to the pavilion for some more AMRAPs, like step ups, lunges, dips, squats, stuff like that; all in 10 min increments. In between each AMRAP, we hit the beach for some fun in the pre-dawn light. We realize during this beach side sojourn that we are attracting some attention during our 10 burpee beach side rest stop between each AMRAP. So we spice up and add in some pickle pounders, bridge to mars/glute bridges, and other sundry activities to provide all those good citizens of the North Side the Saturday show they most likely do not pay for. Then we mosey over to parking lot for some line work: Three times through we work are way across the lot, stopping in various iterations at each line to conduct things like air squats, big boys, American Hammers, dying cockroaches, and a jail break. Then we mosey back to the AO, with a few stops for Malpractice’s favorite: monkey humpers!! Upon arrival we conduct a short Mary and realize we got 5 minutes to kill. Off we go for a mosey to the corner, stopping at the benches and tables for some dips here and there. Head back to the AO, arrive on time to end on time. Honored to lead

Announcements: Cocktail Hour this Thursday at 6PM EDLST, at RIPTYDZ, please HC. Christmas Party Announcement coming shortly stand by to stand by.

Prayers and Praises: Spoken and Unspoken; all those younglings going back to school, Chicken LIL getting ovah the COVID