Sade’s Return after P200!

Sade’s Return after P200!

Workout Date:





Tiny Dancer, ERC, Texas Ranger, Burgundy, Castaway

The Thang:

Beautiful Morning at about 67 degrees.  It was the first workout for me after the P200 and I was ready to get back at it.


How it went down: The night before Tiny Dancer started busting my balls.  He wanted to pre ruck at 4:30 with Texas Ranger, Castaway and me. I showed up. We rucked to the beach and back. Good warm up.  On the way back I thought that since I am itching to run again, let’s just warm up and keep the rucks on and run to the beach and back again.  So ERC and Burgundy showed up and we got to it. Stretching and warm up and then let’s go.  Credit goes to ERC who did not have a ruck but decided to run with a big cinder block on shoulder to beach and back(which sucks…I know).  Tiny Dancer asked about pace and I answered just keep up with me and you will be fine:). Everyone muscled through it like nothing. Great job by all.


When we got back we had 10 minutes left and we all maxed out reps of chin ups.  Everyone put out on these.  According to Tiny Dancer he did a bunch before we all returned from the run as well but no actual proof. You be the judge.


Name O Rama was in effect.


Announcements and Prayer Requests.  VILLAGE AO IS MOVING TO DOUG SHAW!!!! Tiny Dancer had some people who are having surgeries and Castaway mentioned those who are suffering in Alabama from Tornados. I prayed us out.




Sade’ out.

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