Sade’s VQ at the Village!!!

Sade’s VQ at the Village!!!

Workout Date:





Quaker(Respect), Rubber, Tiny Dancer, Castaway, TrapdoorFNG), ERC, Skidmark, BrownBag(Respect), Texas Ranger, Sunshine, Spork, Humpback

The Thang:

The Thang – 13 PAX gathered on what was sure to be a stormy morning but Sade’ pulled some strings to get the weather to cooperate.  It was humid and about 78 degrees.  Quaker(Respect), Rubber, Tiny Dancer, Castaway, Trapdoor(FNG), ERC, Skidmark, BrownBag(Respect), Texas Ranger, Sunshine, Spork, Humpback were all in attendance.  Sade’ decided that Blue Falcon is never to be uttered again since the PAX could not agree on which team would do what exercise and what was fair:) Executive decision by Sade’ was made and Burpees all around was the result for a punishment with everyone doing both teams exercises of Flutter kicks, Planks, and more Burpees.   “Smooth Operator” was played by Sade’ herself and the PAX enjoyed a special mini beatdown inside of a beatdown with 20 Burpees, 20 Merkins, and 20 squats for the song.  A 4 Corners Beatdown took place with bear crawls to each station where Hand Release Merkins, Kettlebell swings with blocks, Lunges with coupons and Overhead Press with coupons awaited everyone, followed by a nice run to the stop sign and back.  After everyone was done we did 6 Minutes of Mary and gave a shout out to McGee on YouTube for the direction for Sade’.  We did Flutter kicks, Dying Cockroaches, Hello Dolly, High Dolly and LBC’s all while Holding em up and 6″ off ground in between.


Said prayer for Cindy and her daughter recently killed in a vehicle accident explained by BrownBag.  She was 19 years old.  Sade’ let the prayer in COT!  Overall a great workout.  PAX supported each other and it was an honor to lead.

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