SafeHouse at BombSquad

SafeHouse at BombSquad

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Skidmark-Kong, Texas Ranger, Single Barrel, Beefsteak, Rubber, Geno, Penelope (Co-ComZ Q), Pikachu (CP AOQ), and Quaker (1st FQ)

The Thang:

Conditions: High 40s, dark and gloomy, but dry.

YHC (QIC)’s turn to lead the #BombSquad (BS) #HIM.  YHC originally had the Q last Saturday, but due to another athletic injury (this time a pulled hammy) had to punt to today.  This worked out well as Spork (BS AOQ) was DR with some other Pax at an Adventure Race (Good luck sir!).  Because of my lack of mobility, YHC decided on a #weinke that he used on the #SafeHouse (virtual AO) crew designed to stay in one spot, but brutal with an Every Minute on The Minute (EMOM) component.

An EMOM is designed to push the Pax to complete the prescribed set of exercises (not sacrificing the form) in order to minimize the number of the prescribed EMOM exercise.  So, as you are cranking out your reps…at the top of every minute, you have to stop and do the EMOM exercise.  Wholesome negative reinforcement to get your work done eh.

9 other Pax circled up after the one-minute warning; 2 shovel flags proudly displayed; hit play on tunes; welcome to F3; disclaimer and this is what happened:

Warm Up:  IC 15-20 reps of SSHs, WMs, IWs, Tempo Squats, and LBACs CCW/CW.  10 Catapult Burpees aka the Slurpee (i.e. a slow Burpee still warming up) OYO.

Pax then stopped by the #coupon pile grabbed a cinderblock (CB) with nicely stenciled F3 logo and went to the front of Carolina Forrest Community Church (CFCC).

  1. EMOM Circuit 1: Merkins and Squats w/ Curls.
    1. A total of 35 Merkins and 50 Squats done in 5 sets of 7 and 10 respectively.
    2. 3 Curls EMOM.
    3. 20 CB Swings and 20 weighted LBCs.
  2. EMOM Circuit 2: Triple Crush (TC) and 4-ct. Flutterkicks (FK) w/ Burpees.
    1. A total of 20 TCs and 50 FKs done in 5 sets of 4 and 10 respectively.
    2. 3 Burpees EMOM.
    3. 20 CB Swings and 20 weighted LBCs.
  3. EMOM Circuit 3: Blockees and 4-ct. SSHs w/ Bonnie Blairs (BB).
    1. A total of 15 Blockeess and 25 SSHs done in 5 sets of 3 and 5 respectively.
    2. 4 BBs EMOM.
    3. 20 CB Swings and 20 weighted LBCs.
  4. EMOM Circuit 4: Block Press and Weighted Squats w/ Burpees.
    1. A total of 100 Block Presses and 50 Weighted Squats done in 5 sets of 20 and 10 respectively.
    2. 3 Burpees EMOM.
    3. 20 CB Swings and 20 Weighted LBCs.
  5. EMOM Circuit 5: Burpees and Jump Squats (JS) w/ Burpees (#crowdpleaser as the QIC gave 1st FQ the choice for EMOM who reportedly couldn’t think of anything but Burpees!).
    1. A total of 35 Burpees and 75 JS done in 5 sets of 7 and 15 respectively.
    2. 3 Burpees EMOM.
    3. 20 CB Swings and 20 Weighted LBCs.  #smoked!

#Coupons away and back to SF for MARY.  Everyone called out a core related exercise 5 to 10 reps IC.

QIC then led the crew through mobility and stretching as a cool down.


COR – 10
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.
MBOM by Geno

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Sunshine needs help w/ 5K Turkey Trot at Plantation Lakes this Thursday/Thanksgiving.  CP and Village combined workout at 0700 on Thursday as well; need a Q!

NMMS 1: Pax discussed the “balance” of leading their families through CV-19 (as cases are reportedly on the rise) in relationship to being law abiding citizens and examples to the community, but still “living life” connecting with other people and respectfully questioning authorities on laws that appear to extract a heavy toll on the human psyche.

NMMS 2: Do your back blasts.  There is an awesome tutorial made by Nant’an Emeritus OneCall that is outstanding — user friendly, step by step, and informative…check it out!  This was done in 35 minutes.

NMMS 3: Great work this morning!  Glad to see Pax that YHC has not seen in awhile.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving brothers if YHC doesn’t see you before then!

Honor to lead!



P.S. 4 no 5…we’ll call it 6 w/ Pikachu at Coffeteria

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