Safehouse at it again!!

Safehouse at it again!!

Workout Date:





Vitamin D (Co-AOQ) and Rocky Top

The Thang:

Conditions: Outside weather appeared mild with a chance of rain.  The Pax, however, were staged virtually in their spare bedroom, garage or driveway sheltered from the elements.

Due to a strict COVID19 prevention posture at YHC’s workplace, YHC along with some other veteran Pax in similar situations decided to relaunch the VAO-VWOD concept as a workout alternative.  YHC partnered with PT machine Vitamin D (who already was doing this with other F3 regions) to co-Q this VAO – The Safehouse was launched a few weeks ago!

YHC-QIC’s #weinke was the go-to reliable HIIT circuit predominantly with the “usual suspects” of F3 exercises (i.e. Merkins, Flutterkicks and Burpees), but also a small dose of #coupon work with the old reliable cinder-block or in YHC’s case an assortment of toys (i.e. ruck, sandbag and KB).  We’d stay in place and blast out continuous 1-minute AMRAP exercises with a small amount of rest in between.

Logged on to Zoom and 2 faces appeared – Vit-D (thanks for your support and upgraded Zoom!) and Rocky Top (built like YHC, but much calmer and more encouraging!)  Abbreviated one-minute warning and welcome to F3!

Warm Up:  While YHC explained the concept of #SH and its goals, Pax warmed up.  Moreover, YHC told the Pax to use round 1 of the HIIT circuit to warm up as well going full speed at end of that round and definitely the subsequent ones.


  1. A circuit of 6 exercises, AMRAP in one-minute w/ 20 seconds of rest-transition, a goal of 5 rounds.
  2. Different Exercises for rounds 1 & 3 and 2 & 4. Round 5 was a combo of QIC’s choice and Pax choice.
  3. During some of the exercises, QIC told Pax they could modify with a different coupon – ex. Instead of a Burpee, do a sandbag Clean.
  4. Exercises:
    1. HR Merkins    KB Swing
    2. Good form LBCs    “”
    3. Weighted Squats, Lunges or Deadlifts    “”
    4. 321 Manmakers (MM); 123 MM (or Burpees if coupon was not conducive)
    5. Flutterkicks w/ coupon hold overhead (WFK)    “”
    6. Triple Crush; Burpees

Round 5: YHC chose KB Swings and Burpees; Vit-D chose Crab Cakes and Supermans; and Rocky chose Weighted Squats w/ overhead coupon hold.

41.30 of non-stop HIIT.  Then YHC lead the crew in brief round of stretching as a cool down.


Since there were only 3 of us, we skipped COR-NOR.
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.
VBOM w/ scripture verse and closing prayer by YHC.

Announcements: Check out F3 Grandstrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Freed to Bleed blood drive in October (see Slack for details), AO challenge is red hot – plenty of trash-talk (stats Q worn out), and other events on the horizon.  The more you plug in, the more you see the big picture of F3!

NMMS 1: Great job this morning!  YHC was a bit tired from a bad night’s sleep, so I appreciated the liturgy of the exercises and not having to think too much.  Still we wrapped up better than we started ready to take on the day!  Almost had a 4th Pax, but his 2.0 kept him up last night.  Enjoy the 2.0s while they are young…very time intensive, but in a blink of an eye they are out the door!

NMMS 2:  Honored to have been a part of this VAO relaunch.  Our goal is to have a quality well-ran workout alternative in relationship to COVID19 for our Pax as this pandemic continues to be unpredictable and contentious.  Also, if you are short on time, can’t get out of the house or want to plug in to an F3 GS workout while on travel this is for you!

Honor to lead this morning!


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