Safety 1st at EM

Safety 1st at EM

Workout Date:





Headgear, Lombardi (respect), Hoser, Jeter, Rousey (respect), King James (2.0), Bling

The Thang:

One Call- “Bling- can you take my EM Q for tomorrow please, still don’t feel well”.

Bling- “Sure thing dude, still fighting that Kung Flu”??

OC- “That damn Delta variant is no joke”.

Bling- “No problem Biden, I gotcha covered”.

Backup Q on alert for EM-  everyone meet at the Hulk at 0500- bags and rucks as usual (in case Valvano had a question about what to bring as he usually does…..). Pulled into the Hulk after following the Rousey family truckster going 25 MPH down CFB- sheesh.  Its been a while since I heard Lombardi curse so much in the car, or since Valvano led Waverucker……  Oh well, got there early and had most of the crew there and ready to roll.  Ruck/bag up and head over the bridge.  stop at the walk and do a few exercises as Hoser was pulling in hot (Sorry, I think I started the workout at 0458!!).   40 SSH and 20 IW – all IC.  While we were walking under the bridge, Headgear tripped and dropped bag.  It wasnt funny- but I had just mentioned not 1 minute earlier, “its dark, lets stay on the sidewalk”. Jeter and I put on headlights after this, I didnt want anyone else to get hurt and maybe sue F3 (in case proper disclaimer wasnt given……)

Rucks and Bags over the bridge, which is enough carrying 60 pound bag and 30 pound ruck!  Stop at the 350 marker and drop bags,  stop at the 150 marker and drop rucks- down to the bottom of the hill.

1st set would be squats, mosey to each marker.  5 at the 50, 10 at the 100, grab rucks at the 150 and do 15, 20 at the 200, 25 at the 250, 30 at the 300, 35 at the 350 marker.  grab sandbag and carry down to start point.  140 reps (125 with ruck)

1 minute “rest” with an overhead hold- allow Headgear the time to give us a quick memory of HTL- told of the strategic SF training thru the night while trying to stay awake.  take rucks and bags back up to 350, drop. bag off, then drop ruck of at 150 again and back to the bottom.

2nd set- overhead presses.  same totals 5,10,15,20,25,30,35.  But once you reached rucks at 150- we would do them with rucks.  140 reps again (125 with rucks).  at the top we were running short on time (0545), so, we would simply walk down to the start point and back up- grabbing the sand bags as we hit the 350 marker.   its a good walk across this bridge and back to Hulk- needed all 12 minutes as 0601 hit, we made it to AO.  TIME

great push as always- great. to have Rousey back and King pulling out the muscle shirt (partly to put his Old Man in place!).  Headgear made it look easy, Lombardi and Hoser make it look easier.  Jeter is getting used to the smoke fest of Mondays and loving neon green for whatever reason……  I was sweaty….

Announcements and Prayers, thanks for letting me lead gentlemen.

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