SaltyGears is BACK!

SaltyGears is BACK!

Workout Date:





Whittle, Franklin, Backdraft, Skimmer, Jingles, Cheezy Biscuit, Brown Bag, Billboard QIC

The Thang:

64* Perfect!

Salty Gears is BACK!

Left Forbus Court at 0515 and a few minutes in, Jingles said he just heard from Cheezy Biscuit. We looped around to pick him up and got right into high-gear towards Ocean Blvd. There was quite a misty-fog along the ocean that we sliced through. Around 2nd Ave S we banged a right to ride the boardwalk. Whittle thought some guy having a drug-induced tantrum was going to come after him but we got away. Stopped to model for a picture and then headed back. There was a good headwind on the way back. Headwinds are the closest we get to feeling like we are climbing Alpe d’Huez. 

Got back to Forbus Court at about 0610 after covering about 13 miles.

Announcements were made and Brown Bag prayed us out.

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