Sand Spurs destroy plan

Sand Spurs destroy plan

Workout Date:





Burgundy, Manzel (North), Chicken Little AOQ, Cubicle Mal Practice RX3, Pikachu Co-3Rd FQ QIC

The Thang:

AO Timeshare 

Conditions 50’s

The AO tour continues in my attempt to slowly close the gap on Candy Cane. Pre runs are out for now due to injuries but I can workout and Q. My overall goal was to make an effort to place second in the challenge. Then good ole captain America decides to come back and steal everyone’s thunder. Ugh, well second place was fun while it lasted. I don’t have the time or effort to begin to keep pace. So once again I have to try and settle for third. Thanks Handy. I appreciate you taking the wind out of my sails. I mean who has time to actually run/ruck/bike every day. 

One Minute Warning as pax were still rolling in late. 


15 Each IC, Harry Rocketts, Tempo Squats, Imperial Walkers, 15 Ea LBACF,R, SSH

Grabbed a few items, slider which I handed out and agility ladder to bring with is. Mosey to Ocean Blvd parking lot across from Main Street light.

  1. Mosey forward Back 1.5 m 
  2. Mosey forward Merkin and back 1.5 min
  3. Mosey Forward Squats Mosey back 1.5 min
  1. Tabata 5 rounds 20 seconds on 10 seconds off for the flop special.

Mosey to 4th Ave and here I wanted to use the sliders. I started demonstrating and boom, sand spur in my hand, stopped to pick them out. Tried again and boom in my hand again so had to pick them out again. Moved for a third time and gave demonstration and stood up and had about 20 sand spurs on my leg. I spent the next five minutes pulling sand spurs off and out of my leg. This was a terrible segment and a waste of time but a good laugh for all. Chicken little looked and said we’re not getting in there Pikachu. So plan B here we come. 

Mosey to the top of the Parking Garage

Placed the agility on the deck

  1. Merkin hop left and back right
  2. Bear crawl through ladder with hands in/out. 
  3. 22 Decline Merkins on four foot garage wall. These were a fan favorite. 

Mosey back to AO which took about 6-7 minutes.

Count 6


Announcements Convergence next month, Operation Christmas child 25 shoe boxes as a region. Plantation lakes Turkey trot, Bling 5k in Carolina Forest.