Sandbags – They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Use To!!

Sandbags – They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Use To!!

Workout Date:





Candy Cane, Brown Bag, Drifter, Tiny Dancer, Castaway, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Plank

Conditions: Perfect

Checked out Twitter last night to see who was on Q at all the AOs and lo & behold there was my name next to #ThePlank! Awesome!! I had completely forgotten that I told Candy Cane to give me a Tuesday, but I was happy he did, otherwise I may have convinced myself I needed a recovery day (especially after yesterday’s Elevation Runday).

As soon as I saw my name on the Qsheet, I tried to think of a plan but nothing, & I mean nothing popped into my otherwise fertile mind.

Candy Cane wondered on Slack what kind of trivia I would bring to the beatdown & later in the evening (after 9pm) Brown Bag texted me to see what the theme would be, but my mind remained blank . . . I had nothing.

I had nothing at bed time, no inspiring dream visited me during the night, and when I awoke I continued to wrestle with the reality that I had nothing planned for the beatdown. Have I done everything I could have done? Have I run out of ideas? Have I come to the end of my own creativity? IDK.

Maybe the drive to the AO would spark something . . . nope.

As I pulled into the parking lot at Doug Shaw Stadium, I saw Candy Cane, Tiny Dancer, and Drifter getting some pre-Gloom miles in around the track. Still no inspiration! As I walked in through the gate, I let everyone know that I was struggling.

Walking on to the football field there were yellow & blue sandbags, which is a sight I don’t believe has ever been seen here before. It must be a sign!

We haven’t had a good ol’ fashion sandbag beatdown for over 5 years in the region. There was a time in 2016/2017 that every workout at BombSquad included the use of 30lbs sandbags . . .but then they disintegrated and/or mysteriously disappeared, never to be replaced. #Conspiracy (We all secretly hated those sandbags!).

At that point, I knew what needed to be done & the theme of my beatdown was written in stone or was it sand? Read on to find out what went down!

5:14: One Minute Warning

5:15: Proper Disclaimer & Supplemental Disclaimer(lack of well thought out beatdown)

COT: 20 SSH IC; 15 Windmills IC; 14 TTT IC; 17 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 Tempo Squats; 15 LBAC IC; 15 LBAC in Reverse IC;

During the warmup, we were all in agreement that the Humidity Dial was turned up to 11. It punched us right in the face when we each stepped out of our homes this am & the fact that there was absolutely no breeze (really? When its 30 degrees out, there’s usually a 30 mph wind off the ocean, but today when we need it there was nothing!!) just made the experience that much more stifling. What’s a Q to do?? We couldn’t just run away from the humidity or could we?!

Mosey (about 3 feet) to the goal line and line up shoulder to shoulder.


Sprinting from the Humidity

3-2-1 Sprint – 100 yds at 85%

Trivia: What is today?

Answer: Flag Day (That’s it! That’s all the trivia, YHC could muster for today.)

3-2-1 Sprint – 100 yds at 90%

3-2-1 Sprint – 100 yds at 95%

3-2-1 Sprint – 100 yds at 100%

Mosey to the Sandbags & circle up

Circle of Pain with a Side of Sandbags

20 Sandbag Overhead Presses IC – This was to be the starting salvo of our sandbag spectacular but when the exercise was complete, Castaway and Drifter decided to spike there bags into the turf which ruptured the seams of the bags & rendered them completely useless! Not a tear was shed for the bags (just like in day of old) & if there was it would have been indistinguishable from the sweat pouring down our faces!

Time to modify the beatdown that almost was . . . mosey to the Coupon Pile. Each Pax grabbed a cinder block and we circled up right there in the grass next to the Dumpster!

Dumpster Ring of Fire

14 Curls IC

14 Decline Merkins IC

14 Bent over Rows IC

14 Block Swings IC

14 Alternating Block Merkins OYO

Mosey to the track for a “Lap”

How many Laps in a Lap?

As we ran a lap around the track, YHC decided that every good workout needs to keep the Pax guessing  as to what will come next, therefore, our “Lap” turned into to 2 laps, then 3 laps, and finally 4 laps. #CrowdPleaser

10 Count as we lined up on the goal line

Sprinting to the Humidity

3-2-1 Sprint – 100 yds at 85% (Tiny Dancer was given a 30 yd head-start)

3-2-1 Sprint – 100 yds at 90% (Tiny Dancer was given a 20 yd head-start)

3-2-1 Sprint – 100 yds at 95% (Castway was given a 10 yd head-start)

3-2-1 Sprint – 100 yds at 100% (Brown Bag, Candycane, & YHC were given a 20yd head-start)

Mosey back to the Dumpster

Dumpster Ring of Fire II

14 Curls IC

14 Decline Merkins IC

14 Bent over Rows IC

14 Block Swings IC

Rack the Blocks & mosey back to the endzone . . . circle up

Mary Around the Horn

14 Flutterkicks IC (Quaker)

14 American Hammers IC (Brown Bag)

14 Box Cutters IC (Candy Cane)

14 LBC IC (Drifter)

14 BBS OYO (Tiny Dancer)

14 Hello Dolly’s IC (Castaway)

6:00 – Time Called

Count-o-Rama = 6 sweaty studs


Announcements: Freed to Bleed (6/30/2022); Pelicans Baseball (6/30/2022); 20 Mile Midnight Ruck (6/24 thru 6/25)

Prayers: Tiny Dancer prayed us out.