Saturday Satisfaction

Saturday Satisfaction

Workout Date:





Weasel (QIC), Chicken Little, Cubby, Flyby

The Thang:

Conditions:  40’s Super Nice Out though… Excellent Morning


I was not planning on Q’ing, I wasn’t even planning on being at todays workout, but after some persuasion by the kids they got to stay at Grandmas last night so i was able to post.  I roll in about 5 minutes til and Flyby is there.  Who is on Q?  I check the schedule and would you look at that? OPEN…  At about 1 min till I’m thinking to myself that good thing i showed up or the new kid would have posted by himself.  LOOK WHO’s COMING IN HOT-  Cubby and Chicken Little made it right as we get started. Quick stretch and off we go….

Mosey to parking deck, then proceed with some Dynamics-  Lunges, Inch Worms, Frankensteins, High Knees, Etc…. All great stuff.  Ok warmed up moving on….

Run Up Ramps Backwards…. Jog Normal in Straightaways.. All the way to the 8th Floor.  Complete Calf Killer..  This will get your heart rate where it should be.

Up Top 10 Count…..

Next thing is we do AMRAP Rounds.  I am starting to go to this more than DORA’s.  I stress the importance of Good Form and completing AS MANY GOOD REPS AS POSSIBLE.  No more counting to 100 like most of you count inches..

ROUNDS 1,2, and 3-  Parnter A Runs down and Back while Partner B does Perfect Merkins AMRAP

ROUNDS 4,5 and 6- Same with Squats AMRAP

ROUNDS 7,8 and 9- Same with Flutter Kicks AMRAP

Down the stairs we go….  And we Mosey back to start.  Get back to Flag and Complete Some Stretching and Mary…


Easy Saturday.



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