Workout Date:





Kitten, Cheetah (2.0), Sunshine, Buffett

The Thang:

It was fairly warm for an early March morning when Cheetah (my 2.0) and I strolled into the parking lot at the PitStop. We could see Sunshine and Buffett jogging toward the AO off in the distance, so we knew we would have at least 4 PAX. After trying unsuccessfully to EH a few of the residents, I gave the one-minute warning at 7:29, followed by the disclaimer at 7:30.

Our COP consisted of:

20 ssh ic

20 TTT ic

20 imperial walkers ic

20 arm circles (forward and reverse) ic

1 lap around the parking lot

The Thang:

I had planned to partner up and do some Dora, but since we had only 4 PAX, I decided for us to do all the exercise and running together as a group. However, in my math I neglected to consider that partnering up usually cuts the number of reps roughly in half. Therefore, each PAX ended up doing the following number of reps EACH:

100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs

With our legs already hurting from doing 200 squats each, we cranked up the pain even more by doing Kriss Kross will make you Jump-Squat (Hold Al Gore during the entire Kriss Kross song, “Jump,” doing a jump-squat each time they say, “jump”). You’re welcome, Buffett.

Keeping with the sort-of-Dora theme from earlier, we each did 100 2-count MCs and 150 2-count flutter kicks, with a few moseys interspersed. We closed out the workout with 25 dips ic.

Announcements: Come out and support the PitStop when you can. It is more encouraging to the guys who live there when they see other guys there every Saturday.

Prayers: Pray for Buffett’s brother’s grandmother-in-law and for Sunshine’s wife’s friend.

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