Say hello to my little friend!

Say hello to my little friend!

Workout Date:





Manziel, Malpractice, Viagra, Chicken Little, Hall pass, Quick sand

The Thang:

Conditions: 63 and beautiful!

COP: 15× Thru the tunnel (slow to stretch)

30× SSH

15× Imperial walkers

15× Hillbillies

15× LBAC forward

15× LBAC reverse

15× Overhead claps

15× Seal claps

Now to grab my little friend, who I call Q ball, Quicksand grabs Old Glory, and mosey to the horseshoe.

We start with 11’s with Derkins and dips.

Then to the beach (Quicksand favorite)

Circle up and start rolling the ball.

First roll, 15 Burpees…what a way to start us out.

The next few were 30 SSH.

Got 15× Peter Parkers in there as well and 15× skaters, and 15× Sumo squats.

Mosey down the beach a little further and circled up again

This time we got 15× superman, 30× SSH again and again, 15 burpees again but modified to 5×, 30 second side planks on each side, and skaters again.

Now we Indian run to the park with Malpractice holding the flag and the guy in the back doing 3 Merkins.

Now at the park we do 11’s again, this time with step ups on the fountain and everybody’s favorite pull ups.

I did get a joke in there, that I didn’t get much laughter from.

What is similar between the movies Titanic and Sixth sense? “I see (Icey) dead people.”

Ok, I won’t quit my day job.

Indian run back to the AO.

PAX choice for abs.

Malpractice- American Hammers (he stole Viagras favorite)

Quicksand- Protractors in the typical Quicksand form

Chicken Little- Crunchy frogs

Hallpass- LBC

Viagra- Hello Dolly’s


Gave a word from Romans 7-8 on how our spiritual life begins with being in Christ Jesus and even though we struggle as Christians we have no condemnation if we’re in Him.