Selection 2019….(or very close)

Selection 2019….(or very close)

Workout Date:





Lombardi, Valvano, Hoser, Turn & Cough, Bling

The Thang:

Waverucker Wednesday.  We are coming off another incredible Selection from GoRuck this past weekend, watching these guys put themselves thru this ridiculous pain is unbelievable.  We watch in awe, then get inspired to push ourselves more in our F3 beatdowns.

never more evident than at Waverucker.  Grabbed the Q when One Call couldn’t make it due to workload (at least that was the excuse going round….).   Immediately I thought about somehow incorporating elements of Selection into a 90 minute workout- good luck trying to mimic a 48 hour workout!  Put out on Slack the need to towels, footwear, extra clothes as we would be getting wet and sandy (even our ”ab” as Hoser was excited!). Changed the locale to Warbird park to honor our AO roots (no need to mention this to T&C.  #2minuteslate)!   Weather was perfect this AM- 60 and clear as I made my way past Warthog (stopped for a minute to make sure no one was left behind) and drove to Warbird, only to notice 2 police cars blocking the entrance and Hoser’s truck already in the lot!

I used my sheepish grins and provocative looks while talking to the policewomen about our workout and need for this locale.  After about 15 seconds of them looking at me, they moved their cars to let me in.  (could have sworn they were checking me out as well as I drove by….)

Hoser, me, Lombardi and Valvano made their way in and we were set.  4 PAX would work out perfectly for my partner Q.  Then, T&C screamed in, parked in 2 spots, and got out huffing and puffing about standing in Warthog lot for a few minutes!  HA!  5 of us ready to roll at 0432.

Quick modify on the Q for 5 PAX, stretched out and gave a shotty disclaimer to myself.

circuit work with the sandbags to start.  5 stations for 5 PAX with rucks on:

1- step ups -10

2- HR merkins- 10

3- squats with 60 pound- 10

4- curls with 60 pound- 10

5- triceps with 60 pound- 10

complete a mosey lap without rucks.  Repeat again for proper warmup.

grab the 3 60 pound bags, say goodbye to my cops, and head towards beach at a nice pace.  switch bags between the 5 of us along the way.

Beach work- gents knew they were going to get wet, at least shoes.  plans change!

partner up- with the 5 of us, Hoser and Valvano paired up, with Lombardi, T&C, and me as a group.

Round 1.  partner 1- standing in surf with sandbag, 10 thrusters and 10 merkins on bag

partner 2- overhead ruck hold and critique of partner!

Round 2- partner 1- standing in surf with sandbag, 10 squats and 10 cleans

partner 2- 20 jump squats with ruck on chest

Round 3- partner 1- standing in surf.  20 plank jacks in surf, bear crawl up to partner

partner 2- thrusters with sandbags in cadence.  bags were connected together, we would have to work this in unison.  Great work here!

rucks off- sprints in the dry, heavy sand.  4 at 75 yards with 2 50 yard mosey in between.  Time to get back to Warbird with the bags and rucks

made it back with 10 minutes to spare, group decided to get 1 mire round of step ups, merkins, curls, squats, triceps, mosey in!  Solid work all the way around.

TIME.  prayers for kids, families, F3, etc

Xmas party, CCU football game (11/30) and Karma VQ tomorrow


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