Self Titled Tuesday Beatdown

Self Titled Tuesday Beatdown

Workout Date:





Rubber, Sunshine, Beefsteak, Hot Tub, High Interest, Crankbait (YHC)

The Thang:

6 HIM rolled up to the Village just moments before 5:15 per usual.  After some quick mumblechatter, 1 minute warning was called by YHC.  Complete disclaimer was performed.  The following is a vague and incomplete recollection of the morning’s events.



SSH IC x20

IW IC x20

TTT IC  x 15

Windmills IC x 22

LBACS F IC x 15 IR x 15

Merkins x 22 OYO

Tempo Squats IC x 20


The Thang was then described to the 4 brave pax who decided to stay for the beatdown.  2 braver (#IsThatAWord) pax (Hot Tub and High Interest) peeled off after the COT and ran off into the gloom, in preparation for the Mini Marathon.  YHC updated my VQ beatdown and brought it to the men of the Village this fine morning.  We paired up, grabbed a heavy coupon, and performed 100 reps of each of the following exercises, running in between DORA style.


C – Curls with the block

R – Reverse Lunges

A – Abyss Merkins on the blocs

N – Nolan Ryans

K – Kicks (Flutters) – 4 count

B – Burpees (#Crowdfavorite)

A – American Hammers – 4 count

I – Iron Mikes

T – Tricep Extension


Blocks were racked just in time for the Hulkamaniacs to rejoin us for an extended round of Mary #7minuteAbs.

LBCs IC x 20

1 minute plank

Pretzel crunches IC x10 R and x10 L

Flutter kicks IC x 20

LBC IC x 20

1 minute plank



Count-o-rama = 6


Announcements and Prayer Requests


It was great having the Hulkamaniacs converge at theVillage.  We missed some of our regular Village Idiots, but we’re glad to see them supporting and leading other AOs.  Keep EHing and Keep posting!  As always, it was an honor to lead and work out with these HIM.

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