Set the Alarm!

Set the Alarm!

Workout Date:





Quaker, Sunshine, Texas Ranger, Jeter, Cross stitch, Crop Duster, Baggage, Elmers, ERC, Speed Bump

The Thang:

Started out the morning planning to run at 445 but apparently I needed to set my alarm for that! Woke up at 539am and was out the door by 544am ready to take on the morning without my 7 mile run

1 minute warning given


warm up included normal circle exercises such as SSH, Imperial walkers, TTT, windmills, tempo merkins, LBAC, seal claps followed by lunges, toy soldiers and Carioca.

Running: split group up into 2 yes to run 1.5 mile loop in opposite directions with 20 burpee “rest” break at mid point when the teams met.

coupons: completed 2 cycles of 20 reps of curls, overhead press, bent over rows, block swings and tricep extension.


100 big boys, 200 2 count american hammers, 300 2 count flutters while partner ran to end of parking lot straight away and back.

last 3-4 minutes finished with stretches at the shovel flag.

finished count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements (Valvano new 1st f challenge) and prayers (crop duster father in law and Jeters girlfriends grandmother)

All survived the morning!