Seven of Diamonds (or Clubs)

Seven of Diamonds (or Clubs)

Workout Date:



1st Base


Rousey (R), Skimmer (R), O'Douls, Crabs, Judge Judy

The Thang:

Conditions: 40s and clear.

Showed up early to lay out stage for the planned workout prior to a thirty-minute pre-ruck. Rousey had beat met there and was warming up on the back fields and Judge Judy pulled in and started while I was finishing up and we eventually all got together and shared a little 2nd F as we cut laps around the church before gathering at the flag as others pulled in.

One minute waring.

Welcome, proper disclaimer, and mission statement were given.


15 Hairy Rockettes

15 Tempo Squats

10 Willie Mayes Hayes

10 Thru The Tunnel

15 Imperial Walkers

Bat Wings

25 Side Straddle Hop

The Thang

Mosey around the AO long ways to collect a coupon and then head back to the Big Lot where I’d laid out cones 90 feet apart for a Seven of Diamonds workout to celebrate the beginning of Spring Training.

7 Diamond Merkins (at each “base”, starting at first, much to O’Doul’s displeasure) with a run to first, karaoke to second and third and bear crawl to home)

14 Squats, same transport as above

21 Curls, with Rifle Carry between bases

28 LBCs, with original modes of movement between bases

At this point, Crabs let loose what is possibly the longest sustained fart that I have personally heard at Catapult. He blamed to LBCs, but I think it was pre-meditated.

21 Overhead Presses, with Rifle Carry between bases

14 Lunges, with original modes of movement

7 Diamon Merkins, same movement

Re-racked the coupons and just enough time to squeeze in some

Mary, interrupted briefly by a second lengthy expulsion of noxious fumes by Crabs

15 Iron Maiden Crosses, 1st Base

15 Hello Dollies, O’Douls

1 minute Plank, Crabs




Freed to Bleed – Blood drive 2/24 at St Mark Coptic Church

3rd F AOQs needed

4 Year Catapult Anniversary next Tuesday

YHC led us out with a prayer.

Honored to lead a great group of men this morning.