She’s Got Legs

She’s Got Legs

Workout Date:





Highinterest, Skimmer, Rousey, Bling, Buffett, Crankbait, Sunshine, Skidmark, OneCall

The Thang:


Cool and clear, high 30’s.


She’s Got Legs:

We all gathered into a quick warm up circle with a few side straddle hops, little baby arm circles, through the tunnel and 22 Merkin’s.


We all joyful ran a solid 10 laps OYO, Buffett lapped everyone but really no surprise there. After a quick 10 count, we had a nice mosey on over to the playground. We partnered up and did a bit of a Dora style workout. We started with one partner doing step ups (250) as the other partner hightailed it around the building. We moved on (250) legs dips, 250 scissor kicks. From there, we took another 10 count. After a few grumples, we had another short mosey back to the flags. From there, we got on our six, did some CAPITAL ABC’s.


Surprise – We did another mosey to the opposite corner of the parking lot. From here, we did, 25 star jumps, did our best impression of Usain Bolt to the opposite end of the lot, with about 20 squats, we continued this for about 4 reps, as we decreased reps on one side and increased on the other side.


Our final mosey, back to the COT.


First time leading, what a honor!

So glad I met all these guys!



Fly Eagles Fly!!



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