Simple Complex?!

Simple Complex?!

Workout Date:





Headgear, Valvano, Onecall

The Thang:

Conditions: Mid 50’s & foggy. (Perfect weather for Tank Tops)

YHC arrived at the AO with sadness  in his heart because Penelope had 2 stitches in his bicep & wouldn’t be able to Q.

YHC filled the void left by Penelope with his trusty Clubbell & a question WWCD? (What Would Conan Do?)

Answer: Conan would put on his tank top & crush this workout.

We opened with stretching & general mumblechatter.

The first exercise or complex was simple…see what did there?

Alternating cleans: 3 sets-10 reps each arm using 50#, #40,#30,#20

Double Arm Swings:

3 sets of 25 #50, #40, #30 The 4th PAX picked  up the clubbell & executed 10 Conan swings.

Waiter Carry: 3 sets with a 33 yard walk. PAX choice on weight.

Bicep Work (Penelope): 3 Sets- 10 curls & 10 triceps extensions.

We finished with Kettlebell pushups 25 reps



Prayers for Penelope

Moleskin: Friday’s are my favorite & they should be yours too. It’s always fun to get out with HIM & move weight. As the new AOQ I plan to bring out some new toys & maybe even a shovel flag. See you men next Friday & all the other Fridays after that. As always #BYOTT



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