Since we’re all here…

Since we’re all here…

Workout Date:





Kitten, Vitamin D, Fly Over, Sunshine, Handy Manny, Peterbilt, Quaker

The Thang:

Beautiful morning for a workout. Not too hot, not too cold.¬† And since we were all there anyway, I thought we might as well do some exercises. One-minute warning was given, followed by Fly Over’s warning that if I said the word “tabata” he was going to head back home. Read on to find out if that happened. The disclaimer was given, and the workout began.


25 ssh

25 ttt

20 imperial walkers

20 little baby arm circles (forward and reverse)

10 hand release merkins (I’ve found this to be a really good¬†warmup/stretch for the shoulders since it is full range of motion)

Mosey over to the big parking lot


The Thang:

Since we were all still there together dark and early on a Saturday morning with nothing else going on, we paired up and did Dora (100 merkins, 200 big boy sit-ups, and 300 squats). Then we did a mosey over to the picnic tables by the baseball fields.

Since we were all there, we did tabata burpees (sorry, Fly Over).

Next, we got back together with our partners and did a Dora-style routine of 100 step-ups, 200 dips, and 300 flutter kicks. While one PAX exercised, his partner bear crawled to the gate, got up, and ran the rest of the way around back to his partner.

One we all finished, and since we were all still there, we did tabata mountain climbers.

After a short mosey to the back parking lot, we lined up and did the following: sprint to the shed, 25 merkins, sprint back; sprint to the first light, 50 lbc, sprint back; sprint to 2nd light, 75 squats, spring back; sprint to the end of the parking lot, 100 ssh, sprint back. PAX held Al Gore while waiting on the 6 in between.

Since there was still time, and since we were all still there, we finished the workout with 4 wind sprints in the back parking lot, a slow mosey to the invisible flag, and then 10 burpees oyo.


We counted off with 7 PAX. The main announcement was launch of the Village on November 7. Be there and bring FNGs and Kotters! There are a lot of guys I haven’t seen in a while, and you are missed!

Finally, prayers for one of the teachers at CDM (site of the Village) who lost her baby last week near the end of her pregnancy. Prayers going out to her, her family, CDM, and the whole church.


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