Singing in the Rain BB 5/29/18

Singing in the Rain BB 5/29/18

Workout Date:





High Cotton (Respect), Bob the Builder, Grass Patch, Etch-a-Sketch

The Thang:

I eased up to the SF right on the 1 minute mark. Not much going on numbers wise, but QUALITY was about to happen. I gave the disclaimer and off we went.

COP- I did accelerating man on a 30 IC of SSH, imperial walkers, arm circles forward/reverse, and TTT.

We then took a mosey to Applebee’s and did a Cooper. We started at 15 reps of 2 count skiers, 2 count plank jacks, something else I can’t remember, and LBC’s. Take a lap around the baby backs then rinse and repeat from 15 to 10. I made the announcement i did not have the technology to have music with us, so a shout out was given for me to sing. I did my best baby back baby back ribs imitation (I know Chili’s not Applebee’s, but best I could muster). Right on cue, we hit the last set, planked up, and the thick, liquid air turned to the real thing as the rain came pouring down.

I have a bit of heart, so we moseyed over to the Rock and used to the overhang for the next set. Same set from 15 to 10 but squats, merkins, mountain climbers, and Freddie Mercury’s. A stroll to the end of the plaza and back connected the Cooper.

The rain abated, and we moved back to the parking lot. A suicide set of lunges going down 5 doors then reverse lunge back. After the 3rd set, modification was needed, and we moseyed back. Football is OTW, so we did come crossover and back peddling drills. The rain started hard again, but we were on the downhill side of done.

Back to the overhang for a grunting, grinding, groaning set of Mary. Hard work was done, deep exhales given when I finally called time, and the iron was sharp!

As hard a workout as I have done this year. Intense and hard work head to toe.

We circled up and gave announcements and prayer requests. I prayed us out with the exhortation on a rainy gloomy day to go be a lighthouse!

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