Skipping Leg day (mostly)

Skipping Leg day (mostly)

Workout Date:





Jingles, Karma, Cheers (Lexington), Snips, Huey, Bubbles, Spinal Tap, Humpback, Geno, Stewie

The Thang:

One minute warning over all the chatter, Disclaimer and on to the warm up.  This is a save the legs day for tomorrow’s 1000 step ups.


20 Merkins


Little Baby Arm Circles in cadence

Front – Back – Air presses



Go to picnic tables

30 Dips

20 Incline Merkins

10 Decline Merkins


Another round of

25 Dips

15 Incline Merkins

5 Decline merkins


Then we take a table top or on the ground for some Mary

Box Cutters

Pretzel Twists right / left

American Hammers

At this point there was lots of chatter, mostly from Cheers and I’m pretty sure he should have been called Cliff for how much talking he was doing.


One more round of these before we start to move some

30 Dips

20 Incline Merkins

10 Decline Merkins


We mosey over to the park for some four corners

25 Big Boys

50 SSH

75 Squats

100 LBCs

After two rounds of this there is some time for some toe taps, merkins, boat/canoes and some burpes. then back to the Ao.

it was a good workout with some good chatter throughout, I hope Cheers comes back. I’m sure everyone wants him back with some of the tools of his trade in tow.

Thank you all for the opportunity.

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