Smoked Shoulders

Smoked Shoulders

Workout Date:





Beefsteak, Rocky Top, Quaker, Elmers, Rousey, Teddy Two Touch, Single Barrel, Lombardi, Bling, ERC, Pikachu, Jeter, Headgear, Speedbump, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

It’s tough to beat an early Fall Saturday beatdown along the GrandStrand. Perfect weather today – mid 60’s, low humidity/dew point and plenty of #HIM taking advantage of it early with preruns! Quaker and Beefsteak put in an easy 7 miles, Bling ran his 2.2 from the house (which gave me the added bonus of driving him and his sweat to #coffeeteria), and Rousey, Elmers, Pikachu, ERC, and probably others put in some distance as well. YHC on the other hand got a slower start this morning and rolled in with 5 minutes to spare.

SSH x 30 or so IC – until Bling finished his meet & greet and joined in
TTT x 15 IC
Windmills x 15 IC
LBAC, Reverse, Seal Claps, OH Clap, Cherry Pickers x 10 IC
5 Burpees OYO

YHC then called for a single file line for an Indian Run – out the entrance of the church, down the sidewalk, back in the main entrance, around the parking lot and concession stand, ending at the coupon pile. With coupons in hand, PAX partnered up in the back parking lot for some DORA.
100 Triple Crush (curl, OH press, tricep extension)
200 Goblet Squats
300 LBCs with coupon
P2 would always Rifle carry coupon to the shed, Farmer carry back
Teams finished the DORA at drastically different paces or just decided to quit (*couch*Bling*cough*), which led to a decent amount of mumblechatter and standing around.
Quick set of 20 SSH IC before returning the coupons and starting an Indian Run back the way we came. This time in 2 lines, staying with your partner. YHC extended the run to where picnic tables used to be located by the Student Center, but they were no where to be found. So…
P1: 50 step ups on the wall
P2: AMRAP Merkins
Swap and then all PAX hold plank. Rt arm, lt arm up, etc. Just long enough for YHC to formulate a new plan without the picnic tables!
All PAX moseyed back to our starting line for ladder runs with your partner. P1 would hold plank while P2 hit the 4 ladder run stations, then swap. A second round followed with back pedal out and run back while P2 again held plank.
YHC rounded out the last 6 minutes with some PAX choice Mary at the flag
Valvano: American Hammers
Beefsteak: Crab Humpers #crowdpleaser
Rocky Top: Heels to Heaven
Quaker: Flutter Kicks


1. Freed to Bleed!! This Friday, Sept. 23rd. SIGN UP!!
2. Jacob “Hightower” Hancher Memorial WOD/5K/Bridge clean up – starting at 0600 in Waterway Palms with the WOD. 5K and Bridge clean up to follow. Rousey will be blasting more information, so be on the lookout

Prayer Requests:
1. Headgear’s father-in-law Joe – battling lung cancer and starting chemo on Tuesday
2. Kiwi – continued recovery
3. Candy Cane – continued recovery
4. King James – broken thumb

Always and honor and privilege!