Workout Date:



Rocky Top


Brown Bag, Humpback, Sunshine, Boxcar, Rubber, Quaker, Hot Tub, Skimmer, Texas Ranger, Crank Bait, Red Coat, Beef Stake

The Thang:


Beautiful 71 degrees

The Thang:

1 minute Warning/ Disclaimer

1 SSH I.C. 25 /Mousey in front of the church to wait for other P.A.X.
Burpees 5/Mousey toward the beach
Imperial Walkers I.C. 25 /Mousey toward the beach

LBC/Cherry pickers/ Tempo Squats at the beach access/Mousey

Hillbillies /Mousey to coupon pile

The Thang:

ASU Coupon Workout-Chipper-Form over speed

10 reps of 5 exercises then run one short lap around church parking lot.

  1. Overhead Squats
  2. Triceps Extension
  3. Bus Drivers
  4. Curls to the FACE
  5. Bear Complex

Run around parking lot/ When finished Pax will complete Burpees

Return the Coupons


So much to do in so little time.

Count and Name-o-Rama

Announcements/ Convergence at Warthog on the 15th with food to follow.

Run group at the Hulk on Fridays

Prayer Requests


So, I hope all PAX got something from the workout. I think all had some form of fun and fitness.  Special thanks to Brown Bag aka D.J. whitebox for the tunes. This was my 20th straight workout in 20 possible workout days. What a great way to sign the flag, with these HIM men!

On the drive to the A.O. I wondered why I bring the weinke and if I really needed the weinke. The only way to find out is take the weinke away and see what happens. After jumping out of my truck, my pockets were full with gloves, phone and weinke. Another PAX snatched my weinkie without my knowledge. He gave it back later but I realized that it wasn’t needed.  #ISI,#Noworkoutweinke.

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