Sneaking by security……black clothes, black rucks, black sandbags

Sneaking by security……black clothes, black rucks, black sandbags

Workout Date:





Bling, Valvano, Headgear, Lombardi, Turn & Cough, Rin Tin Tin (FNG D. Boos)(RESPECT), OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Nice and cool!  Mid-50’s

Last week we kicked off #ElevationMonday at Doug Shaw Stadium and it was awesome.  Valvano kicked our butts and there were runners and ruckers alike.  Wasn’t sure what kinda attendance we would have today as there was a lot of silence on the various channels.  I know a lot of the runners went 9-11 miles yesterday so maybe it was a rest day for everyone but #CharlieSoto who went 11.5!  Anyhow, I had 2 weinkes planned.  1 for if the runners showed.  And the other, much harder one, for just ruckers.  #2 it was, as 5 ruckers, #CharlieSoto who is really a rucker but wants to be a runner, so we’ll call him a hybrid here, and a long-time EH of mine that posted as an FNG!  7 total.

Let’s do this

1 minute warning

7 men, 4 bags, let’s roll.  We actually carried the bags just to the start and security was kinda eyeballing us. Let’s drop the bags for this first round so we don’t look super suspicious….walking walking…security out….I yell Good Morning!  Who can be up to no good when you smile and wave and hollar good morning!  So they returned the “morning” and we went about our business.  Ruck up and over to street.  25 perfect form ruck on squats.  Ruck back up and over.   This bridge is STEEP.  It’s not very long, but your legs feel that incline.  Ruck up and over, this time, at 2 alcoves, 3 men do 25 calf raises while the rest plank.  Do that at the 1st, then the 2nd was smaller, so 2 go, all plank, last 2 go, all end.  25 perfect form ruck on squats.  Back over, BUT throw in perfect knee to ground lunges from 1 light to next, then ruck a light, then lunge, etc…all the way to end.  SMOKED those quads.  Fast ruck back up and over.  25 perfect form ruck on squats.  Walking 10 count around the loop.  Had TNC explain some F3 stuff to FNG like why he came back and what he missed.  He nailed it – Fitness sucked without F3.  More importantly…he missed the MEN!!  (except Bling! HAHA!  JK).  He missed the fellowship and accountability.

Back up and over…talk to security who again popped out.  This time I went over there and asked if we could use the bridge for fitness training.  I also name dropped #CharlieSoto.  Very happily agreed AS LONG AS WE STAYED OUT OF THE COMMUNITY.  Cool.  No problem.  We grabbed the bags this round.  4 men carried them up and over.  WHEW!  Drop em and rucks at end.  Let’s have a nice decent pace mosey around the 1st island thing, and then continue to the 2nd and around and back.  LBC’s on 6.  Loosen up the legs and shoulders.   Grab rucks and bags.  1 on double duty swapped at top.  Back to cars.  25 perfect form ruck on squats.  22 perfect form single count merkins.  #22Kills


Count-O-Rama – 7, with the FNG Rin Tin Tin – family trains expert ninja dogs
Prayer request – Families, marriages, sticking to the Word!
Praise report – for Lombardi being the SEXIEST man at his 30 year HS reunion back home thanks to F3 – looking to launch F3DesMoines
Prayer requests upspoken

– Glad we were able to use the bridge with approval from security!  That thing is steep and great training!
– Totally AWESOME having Rin Tin Tin post!   Good friend for several years and I’ve been EH’ing for a long time.  Really glad that Mondays now have an option that he can post to!  He’s at work too early Tues-Sat, so this should be a great fit for him!


  • IronPAX at Warthog Tomorrow
  • #ShieldLockChallenge going strong.
  • Ruck or Run the mini-marathon in MB!!!  Sunday, October 20



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