Snowflake Admiration

Snowflake Admiration

Workout Date:





Beaker, Viagra (Respect), Enron, Captain Morgan (DR- F3 Mecca Region), Sharknado (FNG), Barbie (QIC)

The Thang:



Mild 60 degree weather/ couldn’t ask for better conditions

With a little pressure from Viagra and Beaker to Q, I took the challenge despite having missed three weeks of workouts (definitely felt the sweet pain of muscle soreness the next day). I successfully snuck out of the house (the M threatened my life that  I better not wake up her or the 2.0’s on the Christmas break)  extra early in anticipation of my first Q since the revival of Saturday workouts at #Timeshare.

It was exciting to see some new faces, Enron is already EH-ing guys and had his first FNG there (Sharknado).

One minute warning

Disclaimer (it was rough, got to knock a little rust off)

1 Minute Stretch (The PAX would be doing a little bit more running than usual)

Mosey down to the bank (nothing like a group of men all in black hanging around a bank in the early gloom)


25 SSH

5 Merkins OYO

20 TTT

5 Merkins OYO


20 OHC

10 … I have clue what they were, I thought they were our version of Cherry Pickers, but Beaker mentioned it was a workout Bling had used at some point. However, with the lack of my coordination we stopped at 10 because it was a disaster!

20 LBAC in Reverse

5 Merkins OYO

20 Big Boy Sit Up

5 Merkins OYO


The PAX would mosey to the only hill in NMB, the bridge over the waterway. On the mosey to the top of the bridge we stopped at every light pole that had a Snowflake decoration on it and did 5 Merkins (adding 5 Merkins to each snowflake.) The last snowflake totaled to 30 Merkins.  On the way down we replaced Merkins with Squats.

The QIC missed a perfect opportunity to do Monkey Humpers in the median of Hwy 17 as we waited for the traffic light to change, instead we held plank.

We moseyed back to the bank and did a variation of suicide Bear Crawls. PAX would Bear Crawl to first parking lot line, complete 1 burpee and mosey back. Repeat until all 10 lines are completed.

Witb 15 minutes left, PAX headed to the park, found a picnic table and did 11’s (dips and step ups) .

Lastly we moseyed back to our parking lot to finish complete the morning, not wanting to waste any of our time we completed 30 IPW to finish right at 7:30!



Count-O-Rama 6

Name – O- Rama

Prayer Request

Captain Morgan’s  (DR) Step-father


I was reminded how much I love this group of men. I am grateful for their friendship, encouragement, and motivation to be a better man (physically, emotionally, and spiritually)!






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