So Many Billboards

So Many Billboards

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Billboard, Flash, Bubbles, Mudslide, Name Your Own Price Tool, Weedeater, Wolverine, Turn & Cough, Bling, Sex Wax (FNG), One Call, Valvano, RC, Penelope, Hoser, Lombardi, Froman

The Thang:

17 PAX posted on what they tell me was a cool morning (53 degrees)


I thought we had more like 20 or so, but it turns out that I introduced myself to Billboard several times.


1 minute warning


The Thang

Michael Phelps while intro by YHC
SSH 4 Count I.C. x 20
Imperial Walkers  4 Count I.C. x 20
Merkins 3 count down/1 count up x25

Mosey to small pond

Catch me if you can
Partner up. Partner 1 drops and does 5 merkins while Partner 2 runs away backwards. When done with merkins, partner 1 sprints to catch Partner 2. Partner 2 then does 5 merkins, while Partner 1 runs away backwards and so on
Repeato but with Air Squats in place of the merkins.
It got a little crowded on the path, as the turnout exceeded my expectations. But a pileup was avoided.

Mosey to Mt Myrtle

Hill 11’s
1 Merkin @ bottom of hill, Bear Crawl up, 10 Squats @ top of hill, Crawl Bear down. Repeato 2/9,3/8, etc to 10/1
Early finishers V-upped for the 6

Mosey to the tree line

Alternating exercises between the first 8 trees. Lunges to the first tree, Crab walks to the second. Repeato until the 8 th tree. Sprint back to the start.

Mosey back to the flag.

2 rounds of Guantanamo with legs outside the circle.


Announcements and prayer intentions. YHC closed it out with a prayer.

Thank you to the F3 Brothers of GrandStrand for the warm welcome. Six months ago you would not have convinced me that getting up at 4:30 AM to workout outdoors at 5:30 AM would be one of the highlights of my vacation, but it is so!

Special thanks to One Call for squeezing me in on relatively short notice.




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