So you want to be a Rockstar!

So you want to be a Rockstar!

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Bob the Builder, Punch List, Goldberg, Hoedown, Grass Patch, Tag Team, Stuffed Crust, Mudslide

The Thang:

I pulled up to the glow of the orange socks, and immediately knew someone had alerted Goldberg to the challenge to post. Unfortunately, his mute button got broke in the on position, and he was unable to respond via text or Twitter. The first thing I heard was Barney then blah blah blah….. but its all good stuff to keep a humorous banter up in the PAX.

A lonely figure completed the pre-run, and I gave the disclaimer and warning.

No regular stuff anymore. Goldberg raised the bar, so it was 2 burpees and then skiers while waiting for 3 other PAX to unpackage and take a few minutes to fix themselves and glove up ( I honestly believe it was to out-wait me hoping the burpees were done). But no, on to skiers with up/downs inserted. After a round of 10 we moseyed to the coupon lot.

You can’t be a rock start without a rock, so coupons were grabbed and we eased across the street. I incorporated barney Stones with a Highland games theme. Two points were the goal, and you push threw your stone down and back. Then you did underhand kettle throw down and back. One PAX chaecked his manhood and knew his “stone” was too small and went to the exchange counter to get a bigger one! Of course, on return, I said now that were are done with the coupons- and that was met with a Qutiny of “oh no, we are doing one more set of something with these things”! We then did a side throw and finally a reverse overhead throw- I probably should have given the disclaimer again here!

We then did a set of 25 curls with coupon, mosey down and back (coupon optional- but I was delighted to see everyone running with them for extra credit) . Then 25 tricep presses same out and back and 25 presses. We regrouped then did 20 squats and down & back, 20 2 count skiers, and 20 2 count jacks.

We split into a group of 4 on one end line and 5 on the other. A PAX on each line started an exercise while one PAX threw his coupon to the other line. Switch out, start another set of exercises, and go until we all had a final turn with the stones.

We took a long mosey around the whole lot, and as we got close to McD’s someone started the mumble chatter. “We should go to their menu board and start a round of monkey humpers!”. Well, I can accomodate that wish- almost. We stopped in front of the bank right on Hwy 501 for a set of IC monkey humpers. Then a short set of high knees and a set of IC Ape Humpers! No horns- no camera flashes- no collisions stopping to watch- I guess we should have gone to the board. We finished the circuit, recovered our coupons and replaced them.

We went back to the SF and a strong gust of wind had blown it over. It was replanted, and in homage to Old Glory, and to remember the average of 22 veterans that commit suicide daily, I did an IC set of #22Kills.

Announcements and prayer requests were made. I prayed us out. I am truly honored to be allowed to lead F3!


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