Soggy Steps

Soggy Steps

Workout Date:





OneCall, Lombardi (R), Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

YHC pulled into the Doug Shaw parking lot at 0455, and after weaving through the piles of trash scattered about, parked a awaited fellow PAX. A minute or two later I could see OneCall’s headlights in the distance and soon enough they were out stretching and unloading their rucks. No other cars were to be seen – other than the friendly walking lady (have we ever gotten her name?) – so we headed to the track, stepping through the gate just as the light turned on #brightestAOinF3Nation.

1 minute warning (on the way to the track)

Disclaimer given

With rucks and sandbags, we’d start with a warm up lap.  Sandbags were dropped at the bottom of the South stairs and then we continued to the North goal line where rucks were dropped.

YHC tried to explain the following, but with confused looks, we just took off and figured it out as we went.

Run 1 lap
Run the first 3 sets of stairs, skipping steps
Grab sandbag and skip steps on the 4th set of stairs
Leave sandbag back at the bottom of stairs and run back to rucks

Ruck 1 lap
Ruck the first 3 sets of stairs hitting every step
Grab sandbag and carry up the 4th set of stairs
Leave sandbag back at the bottom of the stairs and ruck to the North goal line
Drop rucks

Rinse and repeat the above

Somewhere along our 3rd lap the rain started falling.  Not bad at first, but picked up a bit.  Before we knew it, we were the only ones left in Doug Shaw.  Our friendly walking lady, Vanna (he showed up for an OYO workout around 0515), and another guy walking/running the track had disappeared. #alwaysoutdoors

After finishing the 4 round, sandbags were dropped on the 20 yard line opposite our rucks on the goal line.

Starting at your ruck:
Run 20 yd, 10 squats
Run back, 8 squats
Run back, 6 squats
Run back, 4 squats
Run back, 2 squats, ending at the sandbags


Burpee broadjump 20 yd
10 curls, 10 OH press, 10 tricep extensions with ruck
Burpee broadjump 20 yd
8 curls, 8 OH press, 8 tricep extensions with sandbag
Burpee broadjump 20 yd
6 curls, 6 OH press, 6 tricep extensions with ruck
Burpee broadjump 20 yd
4 curls, 4 OH press, 4 tricep extensions with sandbag
Clean & Toss Sandbag 20 yd
2 curls, 2 OH press, 2 tricep extensions with ruck

Time Called

Count-O-Rama – 3
– 10 yr next weekend, plenty more – check Slack
– Lombardi’s continued improvement from injury


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