Something Special….

Something Special….

Workout Date:





Valvano, Bling, Rousey, Cottonmouth (RESPECT - Area 51/Charlotte), Hamburglar (AOQ), Wolverine, Penelope, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

47, wet.  Exec decision at #Warthog the day before – to the deck!

Hamburglar, as the new AOQ was busy recruiting new blood, and old too I am sure, to when he put out an invite in our #mumblechatter channel.  Told everyone to come – I had something special for them.  To which I responded…I do?  So, I better did!!  Looking through my cache of stored workouts/ideas/weinkes/etc, I came up with something special, reallllll special.  I also made everyone snort some ground espresso.  Which to YHC’s surprise was new and special to each of them.  #IThoughtEverybodyDidThat

Set everything up – all the KBs (13), 2 sandbags, 2 rucks

Overheard conversation of Rousey and visitor Cottonmouth
R: Hey
CM: Hey
R: You from Charlotte?
CM: Yes
R: You go to __ church?
CM: (now a little weirded out) Yes
R: Isn’t __ a great pastor
CM: Yes (still wondering who this stalker is)
R: What are you doing here?
CM: Work stuff
R: Nice..where are you staying?
CM: Some hotel he named and YHC didn’t hear
R: Isn’t your mother’s maiden name ___?
CM: Huh?
[This may be a #truthnugget; or it may not be…Rousey seems to know a lot of stuff about a lot of people!!!
R: I used to live in Charlotte and attended church there
CM: Thinking – phew..wondered where that was going

1 minute warning

10 Minute AMRAP Circuit Training
Grab a bell, any bell, switch as needed
2 Snatches each side
5 Goblet Squats
10 Swings
Do it, keep doing it, don’t stop.  If you need a break, plank, catch your breath, rest your muscles, then get back after it!

Heavy stuff round
Clean and press the 2 sandbags
Farmers walk the 2 80lb KB’s
Farmers walk the 2 rucks
Then there were 4 flutterkick and press a KB stations
So do an exercise, tap a man out of the flutter station, etc etc back and forth, so you do all 4 stations about and 4 rounds of flutters.  This confused Penelope, but everyone figured it out and did awesome!

Fun/hard stuff round
Left leg lunge, counterclockwise halo
Right leg lunge, clockwise halo
10 total.  Again, like above 4 rounds
In between go grab heavy stuff and either deadlift or shrug it!  15 reps

Next Fun/hard stuff round
20s and 30s – handle down shoulder press – 6 reps
40s and 50s – Abyss merkins – 10 reps
2 sandbags and 80s and 100 – Calf Raises – 10 reps
Keep moving and switching up.

10 Minute AMRAP Circuit Training to finish
5 Triple Crush
8 Good mornings
10 Swings
If you need a break, plank, catch your breath, rest your muscles, then get back after it!  Or LBC’s since everyone seemed pretty tired!


Count-O-Rama – 8
Prayer requests for Jill and Family
Prayer requests for marriages and families and children and parenting – Hamburglar’s daughter; Valvano’s daughter
Prayer requests unspoken

– I hope this was something special.  YHC is exhausted.  Bells are awesome.  Very very versatile.  You can get some incredible strength training 1 week, reps and shreddedness another, cardio another, etc.  This week was a combo of it all and I hope everyone get stronger, faster, better!!!!
– With Penelope getting an infection last week, his surgery was put off – so he’s a man for another week!
– Cottonmouth was a beast, and will hopefully join us rucking Wednesday when he’s back.  Rousey – leave him alone!!
– Hamburglar – props for the tank!!!  Wolverine too!!  The rest of us were chilly and dressed warm.
– Bling and Valvano as usual were able to figure out the percentages and timing and did what would amount to a perfect job.  Q takes credit for that.

– P200 guys start running today!!!!!  Get after it!
– Dragon Boat – still need a few paddlers
– Catapult and PitStop – GET OUT TO THESE AO’s
– Fill April Q sheet everywhere
– Bling and Buffett have put together some #2ndF stuff – check it out in the #2ndF Slack Channel!!!  More stuff coming!


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