Son of Beach – The Sequel without Equal

Son of Beach – The Sequel without Equal

Workout Date:





Spork (AOQ); Brown Bag (Nant’an); ERC; Sade’; Belding (DR -Conover, NC), Bullwinkle (DR -Burlington, NC); Flop, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

Son of Beach – The Sequel without Equal

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 75 Degrees, Humid

YHC has been looking forward to this Q for about 3 weeks & wanted to make it special for B.I.G. Monday. YHC tries not to duplicate workouts but this is getting more challenging as time goes by. A crowd favorite (which has been uses a few times at BombSquad and The Village), Muscle Beach was tickling my fancy so I looked it up on the BackBlast page and noted that the last time we did it was December 6, 2018 . . .1 year, 6 months, and 16 days ago. This made me want to revisit it even more!! But why do an identical beatdown? Why not give it its own flavor, like a movie sequel – similar but different. Some sequels use the same name (i.e NakedGun 2 ½); Some sequels have different names (i.e. The Empire Strikes Back); and some sequels used Son of this or That (i.e. Son of Zoro).

In preparation for a Muscle Beach redux  YHC dusted off and loaded up the hardware the night before.  I then made some late night tweets & ‘sleets’ (slack communications??) to gin up some excitement. It would be a battle for hearts and minds especially since we were coming off Father’s Day. IN addition to the weekend holiday,  Elevation Monday would have a rucking/running faction enjoying the pain at Doug Shaw Stadium this am., too! So the pressure was on! The Weinke developed incrementally as the night went on but by morning YHC was excited about the final product.

YHC got to the AO early and laid out the weights, bars, dumbbells, and buckets in a circle in the large parking lot and also placed the “Frankendeck” of cards in the middle (#NoCardCounting). I then returned to the Shovel Flag lot and planted the Flag.

Shortly thereafter, Flop came rolling in. Its been a while since we were together at a WO and we were excited to see each other. Then Sade’ pulled in and jumped out chariot. Sade’ noted that he tweeked something at BeachBlox last week, but he said he was ready for anything. Next to arrive was Belding who was downrange from Conover, NC. Spork came running in with the BombSquad Shovel Flag as Bullwinkle from Burlington, NC (“the other Burlington”) introduced himself. Brown Bag brought the DJ equipment (because every great movie/beatdown needs a great soundtrack) and with 30 seconds to spare, ERC stepped into the Gloom. These seven brave souls were an all start cast and ready to meet the sequel to Muscle Beach . . . SON of BEACH!!

5:29 – One Minute Warning

5:30 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 20 SSH IC; 15 TTT IC; 12 Windmills IC; 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 22 Merkins IC; 15 LBAC IC; 15 LBAC IC Reverse . . . Keep them out!

Around the Horn: Name your favorite Movie Sequel

Brown Bag – Die Hard 2

Spork – Indian Jones & the Temple of Doom

ERC – The Bourne Supremacy

Flop – Christmas Vacation

Sade’ – He struggled for many minutes as our arms continued to burn (for the record – “Ms Doubtfire was not the sequel to Tootsie”)  . . . finally he blurted out , “Superman 2”!! . . . Thank goodness, we’re going to need our arms for the beatdown! (Note: He could have put “2” behind almost any movie title and most likely would have been correct!!)

Belding – following Sade’s lead . . . Rocky 2

Bulwinkle – Matrix Reloaded

YHC – Son of Frankenstien (#foreshadowning)

Mosey to Large Parking Lot and enter the Theater of Pain

The THANG: Son of Beach

Enter the Theater of Pain

45lbs Bar – Curls

50+ Bucket – Squad

25lbs – Curls

35lbs – Triceps Extension

25lbs – Bent Over Rows

20lbs Dumbbells x2 – Lunges

25lbs – Upright Rows

35lbs – Overhead Press

25 lbs Bucket Shrugs

10 lbs Dumbbell LBARC

Each PAX chose a different piece of Hardware. Like all great sequels there needs to be a plot twist and this was it: After each PAX chose a weight (#ChoseWisely-Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)  1 PAX would stepped into the middle of the ring to select a card from the Frankendeck (#MultideckOfMadness). Whatever card was drawn was the number of reps each PAX did in cadence led by the selecting PAX. If a red card was draw we rotated right; if a black card was drawn we rotated left. Jokers = 10 Burpees OYO.

Note: 1 Joker was pulled in the 1st two rounds.

Note: On the 4th round we rotated only to the right for maximum pain & variety.

After the 5th round it was time for a popcorn & soda intermission break . . .  10  Burpees OYO . . .After a soda break at the movies it was time to run to the restroom (i.e. 1 lap around large parking lot).

WE ended our run back at the weights and completed 2 additional rotations around the circle with the climax of the movie sequel analogy ending with 10 more Burpees OYO!

The PAX then exited the Theater of Pain and mosey’d to the football field for some cardio!


3-2-1 go . . . 120 yards – fence to fence FULL THROTTLE (name of a sequel, Right?)

3-2-1 go . . . 120 yards – fence to fence FULL THROTTLE

3-2-1 go . . . 50 yards – fence to fence FULL THROTTLE

3-2-1 go . . . 50 yards – fence to fence FULL THROTTLE

3-2-1 go . . . 25 yards – fence to fence FULL THROTTLE

3-2-1 go . . . 25 yards – fence to fence FULL THROTTLE

2 MINUTES left – everyone is spent and it feels like this is a great time to mosey to the Shovel Flag for Mary . . . but not today!! (“Just when I thought I was out . . . they pull me back in” – The Godfather III)

3-2-1 go . . . 120 yards – fence to fence FULL THROTTLE #CrowdPleaser

Mosey back to the Shovel Flags

Mary: 30 seconds – Just enough time for 30 – 4ct FlutterKicks IC

6:15 – Time Called

Count-O-Rama = 8


Announcements: Dragonboat – 8/22/2020 see Brown Bag or YHC to sign up. We have a championship to defend (#Threepete). Get on Q sheet for July. Q at different AO’s; Sign up for Mini Indy Challenge (500 miles by years end . . . entrance fee gets you a ‘free’ T-shirt and patch)

Prayers by YHC

Moleskin: Great meeting Belding and Bullwinkle!! They had so much fun we’re bound to see them multiple times during their vacations. T-claps to Brown Bag & his 75% knee for the Kick*ass tunes. T-claps to all PAX who took their Daily Red Pill.  . . To be Continued . . .




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