Special Delivery of Pain

Special Delivery of Pain

Workout Date:





Cake Boss, Rubber, Redcoat, Boxcar, Skidmark, Crankbait, Humpback, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Village

Conditions: 70 degrees, somewhat humid

Yesterday YHC was informed that a DR PAX would like to guest Q today and YHC graciously obliged. This would be YHC’s 5th beatdown this week (last week YHC made 6 beatdowns)( #HumbleBragging) so if YHC was off Q maybe he would take a recovery day.  Moments later, however, YHC received a text from One Call stating that the DR PAX would not be guest Qing until June 7, so YHC was back on as Q. (#EasyComeEasyGo) No worries, YHC hadn’t prepared too much for the beatdown but had the rest of the day to come up with something suitable for #CasualFriday.

When YHC arrived at The Village there were already 2 PAX, Skidmark & Boxcar, in the lot and another, Redcoat, followed me through the gate. As YHC pulled into the lot he stopped his truck and put out cones to section off the main lot for incoming PAX. YHC had to retrieve the cones from the back of his truck at which time Skidmark mosey’d over to see if he could help. Skidmark saw a truck full of coupons/weights in the bed of his truck and asked if he should help YHC unload them . . .”No, we probably won’t use them today.” After all it was #CasualFriday!! Cake Boss then rolled in and Rubber arrived as the COP began. Humpback & Crankbait rounded out the PAX during an extended installment of SSH.

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 25 SSH IC; 15 TTT IC; 15 Windmills IC; 20 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 Hillbillies IC; 22 Merkins IC; 15 Low & Slow Tempo Squats IC

Indian Run around the Perimeter of AO  . . . gather up behind YHC’s truck. Each PAX was instructed to choose a Coupon/weight of his liking! “Make sure the Bucket finds a friend!”


21’s with a Twist:  Each PAX lined up with his coupon/weight on west side of parking lot. The PAX were instructed to do 1 Rep of the coupon/weight then mosey to east side of parking lot for 20 Merkins (1 Rep + 20 Merkins = 21) . . . then mosey west for 2 reps . . . then mosey east for 19 Merkins . . . on & on, etc, etc . . . until we get to 20 reps of coupon/weight on west side and 1 Merkin on east side (20 reps +1 Merkin = 21).

The Twist was that each time the PAX came back to the west side of parking lot the PAX we would rotate south and grab a different coupon/weight.

Exercise #1 – 25 lbs Overhead Press

Exercise #2 – 45 lbs Straight Bar Curls

Exercise #3 – 25 lbs Upright Rows

Exercise #4 – 60 lbs Bucket Squat

Exercise #5 – 25 lbs Bus Drivers

Exercise #6 – 25 Lbs Tricep Extension

Exercise #7 – 35 Lbs Plate Curls

Exercise #8 – 35 lbs Bent Over Rows

To reach 20 reps the PAX needed to rotate through the exercises 2 1/2 times . . . everyone was feeling great!!

10 Count . . . Circle up

Ring of Fire Escalator: PAX formed a Circle and PAX #1 was instructed to call out an exercise and lead said exercise for 2 reps . . .then PAX #2 would lead same exercise for 4 reps. . . then PAX #3 would lead for 6 reps . . . the rep count would continue to increase by 2 reps by the following PAX until  . . . PAX #8 leads exercise for 16 reps.

YHC instructed Redcoat to get us started . . .after a little whispering & instruction by Boxcar, Redcoat called out Burpees!!! (Boxcar apparently did not hear the instructions properly and thought that when the rep count increased by 2 the second PAX would call out a new exercise . . this was a big mistake) . . . .Burpees were called and burpees are exactly what we did!!

All PAX did a great job with the Ring of Fire and Cake Boss led us with 16 Burpees at the end. . . The original plan was to have each PAX be able to name an exercise but Burpees definitely consumed all of the time and energy!

Total Burpee Count = 72

PAX grab the coupons/weight and re-racked them in YHC’s truck

Circle up for Mary

Mary Around the Horn – (10 rep maximum)

10 Flutterkicks IC (Quaker); 10 Hello Dolly IC (Boxcar); 10 Straight leg raises IC (Rubber)

Time Called


Announcements: (1) Distillery Tours on June 1 @ 5:30 . . . check slack for details; (2) Get on next Month Q Sheet; (3) 10 Mile Ruck tomorrow at Warthog @ 4:30

Prayers: General spoken and unspoken; we prayed for families and babies

Moleskin: This was a tough one!! 21’s kicked our butts!! 72 Burpees was awesome!! Everyone pushed themselves and then pushed some more. Thanks again Boxcar & Redcoat!! Honor to lead.




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