Spittle flying everywhere

Spittle flying everywhere

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Bling and Valvano rucking; KB - Wolverine, Billboard, Penelope, Hamburglar, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Fall weather!!!  64 degrees and beautiful

Having missed KB’s the last 2 weeks due to some extra ruck training, YHC was anxious to get back.  Kept checking the Q sheet and saw nobody listed….wondering…wondering…Headgear tells me in another conversation – o no!  I committed to Q, but I wanted to take the morning off and do Hot Yoga later on.  So YHC volunteered to take it!  On a side note.  I wish Headgear and Geno (who claims to to be a yogi (is that the right word?) would Q some yoga stretching workouts.  We all need it!!!  The 1 stretch that Headgear taught us one morning is amazing.

Picked up my partner in crime, who’s 1st words almost every morning are “I’m so tired”.  Met Valvano for some parking lot sprints/runs/stairs/etc for 30 minutes.  Then headed over to the AO.  Bling and Valvano took off rucking and the rest of us were gonna get after some KB’s.

Warning and disclaimer

Round 1 – Chest – 10 reps
20’s – merkins on em
30’s – abyss merkins on em
40’s – Burpee with stand up holding bells and shrug
50’s – abyss merkins on em
80’s – abyss merkins with shoulder taps in between each one
Circle up – non-stop – 10 super fast merkins, 10 hand release merkins, 10 knee merkins

Round 2 – full body awesomeness
Snatchs with weight of choice 3 different times, 6 reps per side
Cleans with the 2 sandbags – 10 reps

Round 3 – compound movement time
Grab KB’s of choice, throw a sandbag in too if you like
5 rounds at least
Curl, into shoulder press, into loaded squat, into high pull
These got hard…wow.
BURN the bis – curl curl curl – 30’s til failure, then 20’s – 1 PAX on this, while other 4 partnered up for HEAVY 2 arm curls with a spotter, go to negatives if need be – rotate and do it all, get 3-4 rounds in

Round 4 – more full body awesomeness (with different exercises)
Farmers walks
Choose weight and do it – 6-7 rounds

Round 5 – Tris
20’s – kickbacks
30’s and 40’s – 1 arm extension
50’s, 60 if you can – 2 arm extention
60, 70 – skull crushers!
80’s – Diamond merkins

Round 6 – Back
Bent over rows
Sling sandbag up to shoulder, slam to ground, up to other shoudler, etc.
4-5 rounds

Quick Round 7 – Flutters x 20 IC while holding and/or pressing a HEAVY KB of your choice


Count-O-Rama – 7 total – 5 for KB, 2 rucking
Prayer requests for family’s traveling home
Prayer requests for Bobsled and tests
Prayer requests for Billboards FIL
Prayer requests for health issues for Wolverine’s friend
Prayer requests for family of Wolverine’s friend who passed
Both of these – Cancer.  Prayers in general for healing/cure/help with this awful disease!
Prayer requests for Penelope and surgery
Prayer requests unspoken

– Hamburglar counts butterfly tramp stamps at the water park.  He actually has a pen and paper and makes hash marks.  Add 1 if Bling is there.
– Billboard is HUGE.  Ridiculous this guy – go buy a dang 200 lb KB already so you are challenged
– YHC assumes Bling and Valvano actually rucked.  Everytime I saw them tho they were just hanging by the porta potties
– Penelope – you will be missed when you finally have that gender reassignment surgery – at least your F3 name will still be perfect
– Wolverine – easily the sexiest one in a tank top!!
– More strong work from this amazing group of #HIM
– Missed Weedeater at another workout.

Gordon Biersch drop in 2ndF tonight – 6-8PM
#SaltyGears tomorrow before beatdown – 0515
Ruck Club Callout tomorrow before beatdown – 0530


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