Spring Breakers have arrived!

Spring Breakers have arrived!

Workout Date:



Papa Smurf


Mater, Sandman, Blacktop (Respect), Papa Smurf

The Thang:


Upper 60’s, clear for Mundy Thursday

YHC pulled in and planted the shovel-flag at 0500 and hit the lights. Popped on my vest and off for my morning mosey.

Arriving back to the parking lot, who do I see and hear from. Sandman!! Welcome back!! It’s been to long, but we caught up along the way. The rest of the PAX arrive and 2 minute warning given.

1 minute warning was given

At 0530, the DISCLAIMER was given


SSH x 20 IC

Windmills x 20 IC

TTT x 20 IC

Bat Wings:

FWD Arm Circles x 15 IC

RVS Arm Circles x 15 IC

Seal Claps x 15 IC

Overhead Claps x 15 IC

Mtn Climbers x 15 IC

Mosey to picnic tables


Now that the PAX has warmed up their engines, here’s the drill.

Derkins x 20 IC

Wing Nuts x 20 IC

Dips x 20 IC

Step Ups X 20 IC (10 R/L & 10 L/L)

Mosey to soccer field

Time for Dora 1-2-3

Merkins x 150 ct cumulative

LBC’s x 200 ct cumulative

Squats x 300 ct cumulative

Mosey to basketball court

Jack Webb merkins/air presses ascending up to 10 ct

Hurricane Hoedown 7 ct IC x 3

Burpees 5 OYO

Crunchy Frog x 15 IC

LBC’s x 20 IC

Boxcutters x 15 IC



Count-O-Rama 4 PAX  (Sandman, Welcome back!)


Prayer Request: Progresso’s M and entire family


Safe travels for all the PAX & their families over this holiday weekend.

Happy Easter to all Grand Strand AO’s and The Republic


Papa Smurf






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