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Onecall, Bling, Jingles, Hamburglar, Headgear, Snips, Weedeater, Flash, Geno, Bubbles, Varsity, ScubaSteve, Karma, EarlyBird, Lombardi

The Thang:

Conditions 72 Degrees, Humid

Tuesday morning Q oh what shall I do. That is what I was thinking the night before. Usually we have around 8 show up so I wrote my winky around those numbers. I was in for a surprise the next day when 16 PAX showed up!!! Well I guess I will have to modify. No worries I got this! I love to see those type of numbers show up I just feel so loved!! Mumble chatter started immediately on my arrival (no surprise) its Warthog people!!! I can’t believe we are going on 4 years!!! It went by so fast. Nice seeing all the original guys still getting better and we had a lovely surprise when earlybird decided to show back up!!! We missed you man!! Time to go to work!

1 minute warning given

Disclaimer………well maybe next time lol I forgot. My bad sorry guys.


20 Wind MIlls IC

20 Monkey Humpers IC

20 IW IC

20 LBAC forward IC

20 LBAC backward IC

20 Overhead Press IC

Done…. Mosey to Big Field

Circle Up for Ring Of Fire.

All pax SSH’s While each pax does 5 Burpees

This got pretty tough being there was alot more pax there than I thought. So I decided to Modify by making pax do Squats while each man did 5 merkins.

Mosey to bridge’

Lunge, Lunge, Squat repeat over and over until pax crossed the bridge. Hold Al Gore on the six.

Mosey to fountains for “fountain of Merkins”

20 Diamond Incline merkins OYO

20 Diamond decline merkins OYO

20 Diamond Regular Merkins OYO

10 Hand Release Merkins OYO

Hold Al Gore for the six.

Partner up for some Dora Crossing field totals of:

100 Bigboys

200 American Hammers

300 LBC’s

Mosey back to parking lot to finish up with planks.



Flash and I are starting Sand Blox ( I think that is how we are spelling it lol)
June 3 every Monday at 5;15 am til 6:15 am. Gonna be a treat so I hope you all like!

The Murph Monday morning at Warthog start times 5:30 am and 7 am no excuses not to be there.



Geno’s Dad. Jingles Friend. and the love for our Father and Jesus Christ.

Thank You all as always for making me a better man!!



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