Stairs, Stairs, Bleachers, Stairs

Stairs, Stairs, Bleachers, Stairs

Workout Date:





Bling, Pikachu, Burgundy, Cyclone, Candy Cane, Mudslide (#TheRepublic), Castaway, Sade, Rubber, Bellboy, Humpback, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Mid 70’s, a bit stuffy but cooler after the torrential rain yesterday

Trying to build up the “rep” of #ThePlank, and distance itself from #TheVillage, AOQ Castaway has been getting Q’s from far and wide to share the Doug Shaw love and all the opportunities that lie inside those gates.  So when he asked me to Q, I found a date and signed up.  We’ve been coming to Doug Shaw at #ElevationMonday for several years, and it really is an incredible AO.  Castaway and Tiny Dancer have even stashed a pull up bar and some coupons in the corner.  In addition to the stadium, field and track, you have tons of fields all around and a nice playground with picnic tables around the outside too.  Anyhow, today’s Q was gonna focus on the stairs/bleachers after a quick check to be sure they weren’t too wet…good to go!  Backup plan saved for next time.

0515 start time which is awesome!  0530 is way too late for most people.

As the PAX gathered around, I saw some new faces, some old faces, and some recently met faces.  Awesome to see such a variety!

1 minute warning.  Disclaimer.

Just a quick COP to stretch a bit as we would be on the stairs the rest of the morning
SSH x 20 IC
TTT x 10 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
IW x 10 IC

The pattern would be the same.
We would do 20 reps of an exercise
We would use ALL 4 SETS of stairs (Mudslide!), up and down each one with a different movement
We would go out the other gate, mosey to our starting point, do 20 reps of the exercise and then do our active recovery with planks, low planks, hold 6″

Here is The THANG

Round 1
20 Merkins on track
Up and down – 1 step at a time
Out to track and back to start
20 merkins and hold plank

Round 2
20 CDD’s on track
Up and down – every other step
Out to track and back to start
20 CDDs and hold low plank

Round 3
20 BBSUs on track
Traverse up – basically face 1 way, and crossover with 1 leg; normal straight down to regain equilibrium
Do these slow so you don’t fall
Face 1 way for 2 flights and other way for 2 flights
Out to track and back to start
20 BBSUs and hold 6”

Not only was this round a smoker for many of us from a cardio perspective, but it definitely got YHC’s balance a little wonky…so we walked to the high jump mats and used that location for a Valvano-stolen idea – Burgarian Split Squats on the mats – 20 each leg!  Nice recovery other than continuing to blister our legs

Round 4
20 2 count flutters on track
Lateral high knees – both feet every step
Normal down
Face 1 way for 2 flights and other way for 2 flights
Out to track and back to start
20 2 count flutters and hold 6”

At this point I explained – “If you can’t Q it, don’t do it”.  As YHC made it about 2/3 of the way up each flight before having to go straight before merloting and/or passing out.  The YouTube girl made these look so easy.  Great work for those that cranked all of these out!

Round 5
20 Diamond Merkins on track
Fast feet – both feet every step
Holy cow these were a thigh burner on the lead leg!
Normal down
Out to track and back to start
20 Diamond merkins and hold plank

Round 6
With time coming close to an end, a slight modify here
20 Squats on track
Up each step and with every 2 steps – a full squat
Lots of gratitude from the PAX that we were finally gonna get some leg work in!
Just do 2 flights here
Normal down
Out to track and back to start
20 Squats and plank

Just enough time for 22 Merkins in single count cadence for our Veterans – #22Kills


Count-O-Rama – 12
Prayer requests unspoken


– 2nd time at #ThePlank and 1st Q there.  AWESOME dudes pushing it very hard!!!
– I was sad to hear about the end of Sade’s Over 40, But looks under 25 Softball league career due to injury
– Watching Rubber crush everything is always inspiring!  Man loves his flutters too!
– Pikachu always watching the Q’s back…when some guys didn’t take the extra steps out the gate and down the track he was all over them!
– Always great watching Bling watch every else do their exercises….
– Met Bellboy the other week and great seeing him crush this work out along with Cyclone who I met today – some of our newer PAX.  Great to see the new blood that comes out consistently to enjoy this amazing brotherhood!
– Surprised Candy Cane wasn’t wearing his 75lb weight vest!  #Stud
– Thanks to Mudslide to making the trip across the bridge just down International Drive to join us.  Miss ya Brother! Anyone who wants to do an Adventure Race – talk to him!
– Castaway looked good today in the 2nd GrowRuck shirt he bought….this one being the schmedium to show off the guns!
– Burgandy strapped on the knee brace and didn’t stop for one second crushing the stairs – Geno, take note.
–My man Humpback getting after it after his M kept him up late into the night and he kept trying to remind her he wasn’t 25 any more….’nuff said!

– #2ndF This Thursday – 6:30 PM – Grand Strand Brewing – if there are 10+ PAX, Bling will buy a round of H2O for everyone
– Sasquatch CSAUP in person up in ENC and also hosted virtually locally….sign up…it’ll be a blast!
– Rousey and others – Spartan – August 1 – there is a slack channel – check it out!
– Freed to Bleed – be on the lookout for Soto’s next set up of it


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