Star light, Star bright- damn my calves are sore

Star light, Star bright- damn my calves are sore

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One call, Viagra, Beaker, Bling

The Thang:


Got a chance to steal a Q up in NMB, or maybe One Call forced this Q on me….anyhow, always love getting North to catch up with the close-knit boys of TimeShare.  picked up my car pool karaoke buddy, ie One call at 0445, and away we went up 31.  Parked in the usual lot (1st ones there of course) and waited for the boys.  noticed 2 cars pulling in on the other side (or the NEW parking lot), but that couldn’t be our F3 boys……but it was!

Beaker and Viagra parked their cars in the wrong lot and made it over for the 1 minute warning.  I had no workout planned, a solid Q can always create awesome workouts on the “fly” while still giving the PAX incredible push…..just saying….

Disclaimer given- lets roll.


20 IW IC

20 Tempo Squats IC

mosey down the street towards the beach- circle up again

20 arm circles forward. IC

20 backwards. IC

20 Bragg CP. IC

mosey onto the beach and South towards the large hotel (about 200 yards).  On Six

20 Flutters IC


4 sets of 6” IC

50 LBC’s IC

20 Hello Dolly IC.  wanted to stay laying on our backs as long as we could.  the sky was awesome with the stars/clouds- it was only topped by the constant farting from One call and Beaker- dear Lord they stink.

walked down the beach further South to get a solid 75 yard DORA route.  Beaker and Viagra picked the partner moves

100  CCD

150 flutters (2 count)

200 squats- all while the other partner moseyed about 150 yards.

walk/rest off the beach-was going to just go to the road when I saw a set of benches……ok, we modify.

3 rounds of the following- 10 dips/10 derkins= smoked triceps!

walk/rest to the road- about 200 yards from the light.  Karaoke facing both ocean and houses, switching back and forth- ending with a 25 yard backwards mosey.  walk to the curb for more partner work.

#1- 25 step ups

#2- 50 calf raises

round 2- 15 step ups and 25 calf raises.

mosey back to flag- 3 minutes left!


22 Merkins #22Kills



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