Steppin’ it up, literally and figuratively!

Steppin’ it up, literally and figuratively!

Workout Date:





High Interest, Hoser, Lombardi, Turn&Cough, Rousey, Bling

The Thang:

Waverucker Wednesday-  best day of the week!  doing some forecasting on the forecast, I saw freezing temps for Wed morning!!  Was thinking no one would want to show up.   Valvano was out of country, apparently on a boat in Panama wearing Mickey ears (and nothing else!), One Call was at a Tinder retreat in Raleigh for the day (or month!), so had to put a note out on Slack to see who wanted to endure…..   Not much talk during the day, I guess PAX were actually working their jobs!  Texted Hoser and Lombardi in hopes they would also want to sleep in…..but… here comes the accountability, here comes the. “want” to workout together.  both were in!  then, Slack heated up- with both HI (great to have  him back rucking with the crew!), Rousey and his awesome attitude, and then T&C (apparently he briefly forgot how to get to Warthog!)

Pulled in at 0425, the 6 of us ready to roll at 0430-  so here we go on this clear and 32 degree morning (just look at Lombardi’s pics!).  2 60 pound sandbags and 1 25 pound firehose would be our 3 coupons.  this would work out perfectly with the 6 of us.

partner up to take the 3 coupons around the lake to the parking deck, switch as needed with the difference in weight.  Drop bags and hose off at stairwell- much better in the deck without the wind!  Mosey the inclines, 15 squats per level all the way to the top.  take stairs down to bags.

partner DORA

50 ruck get ups, 150 mountain climbers (2 count), 300 flutter kicks (2 count holding ruck above head)

partner 2- take the sandbag up the flight and down- please change out coupons.

this was brutal-  I knew immediately on the get ups that this would be tough.  Nice work by all getting this done!

rucks off- walk/rest the inclines- karaoke the 2 straightaways to the top- take “Hoser’s stairs” back down to the straightaway at the bottom, pass the Fia girls and their ruck workout, and karaoke back to our rucks/coupons. 22 Merkins IC #22Kills

Stairwork- 3 flights without rucks.  2 hitting every stair, 1 skipping a step.  Back at the bottom- Minute rest, trek back to AO figured out.  we would grab the coupons and head southeast around the lake the long way back- switching coupons as needed.

TIME.  Solid work dudes!  I think a few got better, not sure though….

Announcements- CCU game and Xmas Party-  we all know these details, get signed up PAX!

Prayed out

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