Steps and Reps

Steps and Reps

Workout Date:





Lombardi, Headgear, Valvano, Snips, Bubbles, Boxcar, Manziel, Bling

The Thang:

Great Weather – Clear, cool, clam winds 50ish degrees

It is perfect Fergie weather it limits the sweat and lets me get in some running. Anything above 65 is too hot.

1 Minute warning as we come in to the parking lot after a 2 laps around the lake pre-ruck with Lombardi, Boxcar, Bling, Headgear and Valvano (thanks for the ruck V).

Bubbles and Snips were in the parking lot and Manziel rolls in as the one minute waring is expiring (just in time).

A quick warm up – Some SSH, Squats, Arm Circles then off to the races.

We go down the sidewalk to the nice parking lot, down the road a bit to another parking lot

EMOM – 10 merkins on the minute for 5 minutes – 50 total merkins

A bit of a run again then EMOM – 15 squats on the minute for 5 minutes – 75 total squats

A bit of a run to the Culinary School and the low wall there – 8 minutes total 1 minute of step ups with 1 minute rest. I’m not sure how many folks did here these were at your own pace but many were done.

Time to get headed back with one more stop after a bit of a run –¬†EMOM – 10 merkins on the minute for 5 minutes – 50 total merkins

We did some stretching to finish off the last 5 minutes. We covered about 1.5 miles (not as much as i wanted to, but we had some pace in the movement)

Prayer requests for V’s Dad, Snips dad and Manziel’s dad.

It was my pleasure to lead this morning, the format today allowed for some time to talk and share time together before the day. It is something that we all need to do, spend time in the moment when we can and enjoy ourselves.

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