Still Running . . . Against the Wind . . .

Still Running . . . Against the Wind . . .

Workout Date:





Hottub (QIC), Sunshine, Backdraft, Quaker (YHC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 62 degrees & breezy

Yesterday the region experienced an all-day rain event, so this morning the PAX anticipated a wet, windy run in the storm’s aftermath. Around 2:30 pm on Thursday during the deluge, Hottub put out the call on Twitter for HCs. Almost 3 hours later Skidmark promptly chimed in with a “most likely”?? Then 30 minutes later YHC posted the first official HC.

Shortly after Flyover posted some subjective commitments depending on the weather, the rain, and the potential for soggy shoes. Within 3 minutes, Flyover came clean to the fact that he was more likely going to post at the Village and most likely not going to post at all!

With that said, Sunshine gave the 2nd official HC which was apparently prompted to avoid Flyover’s threat of posting to The Village.

Backdraft, after missing last week’s run due to communication errors, then stated that he was in the mood for a ‘Yog’ if it wasn’t raining. YHC had no idea what a ‘Yog” is so I googled it and found out that a Yog is a “lazy jog done at 40-60% pace of a normal jog”. . . OK . . .YHC  learned something new today and was somewhat sad because I apparently have been ‘Yogging’ for years!!

So there it was 3 HCs, a strong maybe, and a potential Yog. This may not have been the double digits that the Republic pulls in each Friday for their run group, Hasselhoff, but it was solid numbers none the less.

YHC was the first to arrive at the Hulk at 4:55 am. After a few minutes sitting in my truck, YHC decided to check his watch and found out it was 5:02. 5:02 and no one else was here!! It can’t be, 2 minutes after and still no one else was here even with the solid HCs from the night before!  YHC decided to give everyone 3 more minutes . . .if no one showed I would return to my humble abode & forego the run. At 5:05 the lot was still vacant except for YHC . . . wait a tic, the start time isn’t until 5:15!! So of course no one else is here!!

Apparently my mind was not fully engaged; This is what happens when you don’t get enough rest the night before and arrive at the AO 20 minutes early!

5 more minutes passed, then Backdraft arrived. He was donning a T-shirt and shorts and ready to get after it. His 3000 lumin headlamp was strapped on and ready to light the darkness like a WWII anti-aircraft search light!! YHC had a flashlight & was apparently way overdressed again, but this time, YHC shedded 2 (or was it 3) layers before the run began. When I stepped into the Gloom it was a bit cool, but I knew we’d all warm up fairly quick.

Next to arrive was Sunshine, who has been somewhat MIA since passing the Nan’tan torch, but has been out the last 2 weeks at the Hulk and will be Q’ing BombSquad tomorrow for our Saturday Smackdown! Good to see you, brother!!

Hottub, AOQ, pulled in with about 2 minutes before go time. We gave Skidmark & Flyover the full 120 seconds to join us, but with no further activity or headlights speeding down Frontage Rd 2-B we took off into the Gloom!

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Silent Disclaimer


The PAX enjoyed a nice tailwind on our way to the Village. As we passed the Village we said hello to The Village PAX (4 HIM) and continued towards the beach. We crossed Business 17 and ran two more blocks. At the 22 minute mark we turned around 1 Block before Ocean Drive.

As we turned we had to run into the wind, but it didn’t seem to hinder our already leisurely ‘Yog’. We talked and ran & ran and talked. At the base of the Bridge we kicked up our pace and ascended. Our pace increased incrementally down the other side. When we reach Frontage Rd 2-B all PAX sprinted to the end!

6:00 – Time Called!!

Hottub prayed us out.





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